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Report: Dave Joerger Spurns Wolves, Will Return To Memphis

Umm... sure

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we all saw this coming [INSERT SARCASM FONT].

After reports from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports that basically stated the deal was sealed between Memphis Grizzlies head coach Dave Joerger and the Minesota Timberwolves, David Aldridge has thrown a wrench into our Sunday plans, stating that Joerger has agreed to return to the Grizzlies as head coach per his sources.

This entire ordeal has made little sense. The Levien firing. John Hollinger and Dave Joerger's job status being up in the air. Robert Pera allowing Joerger to speak with the T'Wolves. And now this has fallen in line with all the crazy we've been represented with over the past weeks.

Now the question of why Joerger has decided to return arises. Based on all that has been tweeted by both the national and local media there are two scenarios:

1) David Aldridge has reported that Grizzlies owner Robert Pera overcame a change of heart and had a meeting with Joerger, convincing him to return to the franchise.

2) The Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves couldn't come to an agreement on compensation, killing the opportunity to swap draft picks for Joerger.

Regardless of which scenario is the complete truth, middle ground seems to be the likeliest scenario. Upon not being able to receive the compensation wanted in return for Joerger, Pera reached out Joerger, convinced him there were no hard feelings, and the two moved on from what has been the heart of all Grizzlies discussion in the last week.

So we have our head coach. There will be no Jeff Van Gundy. No George Karl. No Alvin Gentry. No John Calipari. No Lionel Hollins. We're back at the same place we were last summer when Joerger was introduced as the head coach of the future. We can only hope that this is the end of the Joerger-Pera saga, focusing on more important things like free agency and the NBA Draft.