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GBB Community 2014 NBA Mock Draft: Claim Your Team

Here is your opportunity to contribute to the GBB Community Mock Draft that will be going on for the next few weeks.


Here's the drill, folks.

We're doing a first round mock draft with all 30 selections being represented by members of our staff and by our loyal contingency of readers and commenters.

As you're reading this there could be people claiming teams in the comments below. It's first come, first serve. And you will know you're confirmed for a team by my response to you in the comments.

Your pick will need to be accompanied by some form of reasoning and legitimacy for the team you represent. It doesn't have to be entire scouting report, but it needs to make sense. Trades will be allowed but at minimum they'll need to pass the NBA Trade Machine and they'll be subject to screening from the GBB Staff.

If your team has multiple first round picks you will be responsible for all of those picks (unless you trade them to someone else.) We'll just start with one team per person, and if not every team is claimed we'll open it up for some folks to take on multiples. After the selections I'll get in touch with everyone that responded and get a Google document sent to you with the schedule of picks. I'll be sending a reminder to you just to make sure you don't forget.

2014 NBA Draft Order

Teams without First Round Picks: Detroit, New Orleans, New York, Brooklyn, Washington, Dallas, Portland and Indiana.

Teams Remaining

Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, LA Clippers, San Antonio Spurs


Thunder - Kevin Yeung

Grizzlies - Joe Mullinax

Suns - Adam Rubrum

Magic - BluesCityJoe

76ers - KellyMelvina

Hawks - TheRealHrdlicka

Bucks - Kwhittington

Celtics - Dekebarron

Hornets - Andrew Ford

Bulls - Chip Williams

Cavaliers - Chris Faulkner

Timberwolves - DontKillJohn

Raptors - Arkm110

Kings - Tcampbell395

Jazz - Jmxisnext

Rockets - LSUDavidTerry

Lakers - Tonyallenismyhomeboy