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Observations from Dave Joerger media session on future of the Memphis Grizzlies from Anthony Sain of

Anthony Sain was kind enough to tweet out some of his observations from Dave Joerger's mini-presser at FedexForum this afternoon. Follow Sain3SOB @SainAsylum and check out his work at

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

To which I say: remember when I said they should all be hitting the gym after this shake up? JJ was one of the primary players for whom I was blanketing that statement.

To which I say: There's no way the entire front office could fit on top of a Honda Accord.

To which I say: "everything he needs to win" also includes "not having a dubious CEO." And I hope Pera knows that "not telling him how to coach" includes not suggesting he wear a headset, if that is a true story.

To which I wonder: Was the unrelated opportunity a chance to get away from the decaying madness of the Memphis Grizzlies before Robert Pera won him back by showing him the Ark of the Covenant? Maybe there's some personal/family stuff going on with Joerger that factored in on interviewing with Minnesota.

To which I hope: Mmmm, could the need for IQ lead to an assumption that we'll have an absence of said quality due to the absence of one Tayshaun Prince?

To which I say: There's always something keeping our young'ins off the floor. Crossing my fingers for #22 (both the player wearing the jersey and the pick in the draft.)

To which I say: That seems like a bit of a power shift. This could also relegate Chris Wallace to more of a scouting role as far as draft work goes, which is what I assume he sort of had last season anyway.

To which I say: I mean, like, WOW! - I think that's how Dave put it. Perhaps he really is a motivator.

To which I say: Joerger doesn't have to confirm it. Pera confirmed it when he said "I am open to it if it gets us closer to a championship". But you could logically reason that Pera's standards for what gets the Grizzlies closer to a championship would rule out 99% of the scenarios that could have us in the luxury tax.

To which I say: If there was any of that pressure around I don't think Jason Levien allowed it to manifest around Dave Joerger, hence Pera's issue with Levien, hence miscommunication from Pera to Joerger, hench why Pera was able to woo him back with effective communication with Levien gone.

Thanks to Anthony Sain for relaying all the tidbits from Dave Joerger! Check out later on for the audio.