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NBA Playoffs 2014: Memphis Grizzlies are throttled by a scorching OKC Thunder team, 120-109

And so it ends.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Grizzlies 109- Thunder 120

This one will be short and sweet, my precious Grizz Nation.

The Memphis Grizzlies came out for this game firing and giving what ended up to be more than 100% for the first quarter of play.

Although the Grizzlies tied a season high for points scored in a quarter, 36 pts, they completely ran out of whatever incarnation of energy you choose to define for this game. It was a marvelous first half of play, but things got out of hand quite swiftly in the second half and Memphis could never recover.

The better team won this series. Coincidentally, the more talented team also won the series. A glorious series that didn't have the climax most of us were anticipating.

It's the end of our season, Griz fans. But GBB will be here to celebrate much of this season and further recap the action of tonight before we get into the offseason coverage.

We should be very proud of this team and what they've overcome this year. I think great things are still on the horizon for the Memphis Grizzlies, and we've now got 6 months to wade through all the possibilties.

It's a disappointing ending to what I consider an incredible season, a season that was never lacking intrigue or projecting hopelessness,

There's work to do, issues to address, but I can sleep tonight knowing the team that represents my city gave it all it had for seven games of pretty amazing basketball.