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One of the reasons Marc Gasol is amazing, a true connection to the Grizzlies fan base.

Thanks to Ron Tillery, @CAGrizBeat, for capturing and posting this video.

Jason Levien, if you're reading this please just go ahead and lock up Marc Gasol for eternity. I honestly can't imagine him ever voluntarily leaving in free agency, and we all know the Griz FO's affinity for Big Spain. I think we'll be seeing #33 around Hoop City for a long, long time.

This guy makes me proud to be from and live in Memphis, TN. It's awesome to think about all the young members of Griz Nation who will grow up feeling the same emotion that's been somewhat of a gradual revelation for myself over the past several years.

I never want to take this (the Memphis Grizzlies organization) for granted, not when men like Marc Gasol bare their hearts for this city.