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GBB 2014 NFL Draft Thread

Wait, what sport does this site cover?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Technically we don't cover a sport or a team. We cover things that are interesting to our readers. In this case the thing that most of us have in common is probably being a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, so that's what we all commonly find interesting. But if you watch the Grizzlies then you probably watch other sports, and if you watch other sports and you're American (like approximately 80% of our readers - the Philippines are a distant 2nd place with 2.35%) then you probably watch NFL football at some point during the year. That means you probably find the idea of adding a top 32 talent player to your favorite NFL team pretty interesting.

See what I did? I just Kevin Bacon'ed the hell out of why I'm posting a thread for the NFL Draft tonight. Feel free to chat it up about what your favorite teams are doing, not doing or thinking about doing (or not doing).

Me? I'm a Tennessee Titans fan, somehow maybe one of the only Titans fans in Memphis. Maybe it's the Oilers transitional thing, the Nashville penis envy for some, or just the fact that they've been godawful for over a decade now - but I'd estimate Titans fandom in Memphis to be somewhere around 15%, with Steelers and Cowboys taking up at least 75% of the rest. Regardless, I find it worthy to celebrate a team that technically represents the whole state. They're not the Nashville Titans; that would be an awful name.

The Titans pick at #11 today which should put that pick somewhere around the 8:15-8:30 mark assuming they don't trade down. (!!!)

Ken Whisenhunt takes over at head coach and the passing of owner Bud Adams signals the dawn of a new era. It'll be good to see the franchise finally (hopefully) let go of the past and build new traditions. PS: Please update the team logo.

Check out Music City Miracles for more on the Titans. The fine folk at SB Nation have all the other NFL teams covered as well. Give your favorite team's site a look! They might not be exactly like GBB but there's some damn good work being done out there in the network.