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The Latest GBBLive with 3SOB's Thomas and ESPN's Elhassan Now Available for Download

Last night's GBBLive was the first in a two part series wrapping up the Grizzlies' season and beginning to look ahead to the postseason. Guests Chris Faulkner, Zach Thomas and Amin Elhassan helped Host Joe Mullinax do just that.

Marc Gasol will likely continue to be a big piece of the Grizzly puzzle heading in to next season.
Marc Gasol will likely continue to be a big piece of the Grizzly puzzle heading in to next season.
Ronald Martinez

You can remember opening night against the Spurs like it was yesterday. Now, a little more than six months later, we break down the season that just ended at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder and begin our off-season coverage on the latest episode of GBBLive!

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In our first segment Managing Editor of Grizzly Bear Blues Chris Faulkner helped break down the end of the Oklahoma City series. OKC was just the better team, especially against a hobbled Grizzlies lineup in Game 7. We also discussed some of the latest off-season rumors, such as what it will cost to hold on to Mike Miller.

The second segment of the show had 3 Shades of Blue's Zach Thomas join to take a deeper look at the season that was. Zach had to deal with some technical issues on our end, but he did a tremendous job breaking down the regular season of the Grizzlies and especially focusing on the unique skill set of a Tony Allen.

Finally, segment three welcomed someone who some members of Grizz Nation have a good bit of disdain for, Amin Elhassan of Amin was very gracious with his time and discussed his "Roster Reload" piece he did for which included a Zach Randolph for Pau Gasol trade and re-signing Ed Davis to a 3 year-$24 million contract. I questioned him on those moves, and we also talked about his views on "The Grindfather" and other players who may be good fits for Memphis.

This is just a summary of what was discussed; to get the full experience, listen to the podcast in the player below or on our BlogTalkRadio page. Also, follow GBBLive on Twitter and check out our sponsor through this link and sign up for a membership. When you do so, you will get a free audiobook download and GBBLive will make a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital here in Memphis.

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