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GBB Community NBA Mock Draft Pick #14: The Memphis Grizzlies Trade In to the Lottery

It was rumored that the Memphis Grizzlies were interested in players higher up the draft board. After all of the trading of the past couple of days in the GBB Mock Draft, the Armchair GM decided to get in to the game. As a result, Memphis lightens the log jam at shooting guard, picks up a playmaking guard and lands the #14 pick in the draft, all while holding on to #22.

Hopefully Dougie is doing this a lot in Beale Street Blue.
Hopefully Dougie is doing this a lot in Beale Street Blue.
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We have a trade to announce:

The Minnesota Timberwolves trade the #14 pick and J.J.Barea to the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Courtney Lee and the rights to Janis Timma.

Why Minnesota Does the Deal

After the tremendous Kevin Love trade just a pick before, Minnesota will be employing the two Point Guard philosophy with Ricky Rubio and Goran Dragic starting alongside each other. That means that Kevin Martin is out of a starting job, and likely out of Minnesota by another trade (this mock GM for the T'Wolves is someone I can come to love.) The Timberwolves could use a cheaper, better defensive version of Martin to come off their bench.

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Enter Courtney Lee. Minnesota has the 27th pick in the 1st round, so the 14th is a bit more expendable, and Lee helps them now in terms of stabilizing their bench. Janis Timma is an intriguing prospect, and at worst a future trade chip down the road.

Why Memphis Does the Deal

The log jam at shooting guard is freed at last! Quincy Pondexter and Tony Allen are left to fight it out for the starting SG job, the natural position for both men. J.J. Barea is not everyone's cup of tea, but as far as a back-up PG/Calathes insurance, you can do worse. His highlights from this past season are promising, at least offensively.

Shifty. A playmaker who can get to the rim and create for himself. The Grizzlies could use that. His contract expires next season, and between Tayshaun Prince and Barea over $12 million will come off of Memphis' books in 2015.

And oh yeah, the Memphis Grizzlies are now on the clock, without losing their 22nd overall pick or one of the "core four"! The ArmChair GM believes that this team needs immediate help.

With that being said, with the 14th pick the Memphis Grizzlies select...

14) Doug McDermott, F, Creighton

AKA Dougie McBuckets, AKA Dougie Fresh, AKA Dougie McGrizzly, AKA the shooter those who support the Memphis Grizzlies have always wanted. This dude can simply put the rock in the basket. He has the most ready-made offensive game in the entire draft, a player with so many tools in his offensive repertoire he doesn't have a tool belt, he has a tool shed. Step-backs, shooting off of picks and screens, even the Dirk jumper and other moves to compensate for a lack of athleticism. This kid is special on the offensive end of the court, and Memphis needs to improve its offensive efficiency.

Of course, Dougie McBuckets could use some help becoming Dougie McDefense. His athleticism leaves something to be desired, especially on a Memphis team who has stated one of their goals this offseason is to become more athletic. However, show me that statement and I will show you a team that is likely to re-sign one of the most un-athletic players in the NBA to another contract while possibly allowing another more athletic player to walk.

The ArmChair GM thinks that Dougie's possible shortcomings as a Grizzly on the defensive end are overblown. Tony Allen has shown us time and again that effort is the biggest key to being a good defender, and McDermott has that work ethic in spades. He will be on a team with other great individual defenders, including TA who becomes the starting SG again (for now) and can be hidden on the opponent's lesser offensive wing on most nights. He is willing to work, and learn, and fit in to a scheme led off the court by Coach Dave Joerger and on the court by Marc Gasol.

Yes, McDermott lacks elite athleticism, but as one of the two Team USA camp invites in 2013 still in college clearly elite NBA talent evaluators see value in this young man. His leadership, intangibles and basketball IQ are through the roof and he will be willing to work on his game and learn the intricacies in terms of positioning and leverage that will help him defensively.

The bottom line is, Dougie can get Buckets, and Memphis can use all of those they can get. The Grizzlies managed to hold on to their 22nd pick in this deal, so best available comes in to play in an attempt to unload Tayshaun Prince. If not, Dougie has a great mentor for a season who can teach him the ins and out of playing the wing in the NBA.

Welcome to Mock Memphis, Dougie McGrizzly, We Mock Grind Here.