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Overview of the Memphis Grizzlies pre-draft workouts thus far

With three pre-draft workouts in the books, have the Grizzlies tipped their hand to what they are going to do on draft night?

Tyler Smith

It's a scary thought to think that an NBA team could weight a pre-draft workout so heavily that it determines who they draft. There is no reason to believe the Grizzlies will base their sole pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft on any of their pre-draft workouts, but it is worth considering since it is not unheard of for other NBA teams to do so.

Who the Grizzlies work out before the draft should be taken with a grain of salt, but they are not just picking names out of a hat to select guys to workout. There is a method to the madness, and it only makes sense for the Grizzlies to at least work out some guys that are realistic possibilities for them to consider drafting.

The Grizzlies have held three pre-draft workouts so far led by head coach Dave Joerger. It's unusual for a head coach to lead draft workouts, but the Grizzlies are of course in an odd situation after majority owner Robert Pera fired CEO Jason Levien and assistant GM Stu Lash, who helped lead workouts last summer before the 2013 NBA Draft. With the basketball operations staff in flux, it's best to allow Joerger, who will apparently be here going forward after patching things up with Pera, to run things.

Here is the list of guys that have worked out for the Grizzlies so far (bolded names denote players with the most realistic chance of being drafted by the Grizzlies with the 22nd pick):

Pre-Draft Workout #1

Clint Capela, Josh Huestis, Joe Jackson, Eric Moreland, Adin Vrabac, Scottie Wilbekin

Pre-Draft Workout #2

Tarik Black, DeAndre Kane, Javon McCrea, Jake Odum, JaKarr Sampson, Okaro White

Pre-Draft Workout #3

Isaiah Austin, Semaj Christon, K.J. McDaniels, Casey Prather, Russ Smith, Jarnell Stokes

For those of you scoring at home, here's a positional breakdown by the numbers of the guys that have worked out:

6 5 6 1

As you can see, almost an equal number of ball-handlers, wing players, and big men have worked out. The numbers most likely look this way because the Grizzlies tried to balance their workouts, allowing the front office to see the players in a lot of different situations and drills. Most importantly, they likely wanted to be able to have an even scrimmage to get a better feel for what each one of these guys can do on both sides of the ball against players that play their same position.

If you were hoping the Grizzlies would tip their hand as to who they are going to draft during these workouts, you are surely disappointed. With no players of a single position having worked out far more than any other position, it is hard to gain any insight as to what the Grizzlies might do in the upcoming draft based on these first three workouts.

While pre-draft workouts might not, and probably shouldn't, tell us a lot, they are interesting nevertheless.