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GBB Community Mock Draft: Chicago Bulls Pick #16

After trading up to select Julius Randle, how will the Bulls finish out their 2014 draft with the 16th pick?

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Team and Draft Order Representative GM Player Selected
#1 Cleveland Cavaliers Chris Faulkner Andrew Wiggins
#2 Milwaukee Bucks Kwhittington Joel Embiid
#3 Philadelphia 76ers KellyMelvina Jabari Parker
#4 Orlando Magic BluesCityJoe Dante Exum
#5 Philadelphia 76ers (from UTA) KellyMelvina Aaron Gordon
#6 Boston Celtics Dekebarron Noah Vonley
#7 LA Lakers Tonyallenismyhomeboy Marcus Smart
#8 Chicago Bulls (from SAC) Chip Williams Julius Randle
#9 Charlotte Hornets Andrew Ford Nik Stauskas
#10 Utah Jazz (from PHI) Jmxisnext Adreian Payne
#11 Denver Nuggets VancouverGrizz Gary Harris
#12 Atlanta Hawks (from ORL) Matt Hrdlicka Dario Saric
#13 Phoenix Suns (from MIN) Adam Rubrum Rodney Hood
#14 Memphis Grizzlies (from MIN) Joe Mullinax Doug McDermott
#15 Orlando Magic (from ATL) BluesCityJoe Kyle Anderson

After making a splash and moving up to the 8th pick to select Kentucky big-man Julius Randle, the Chicago Bulls have a decision to make: what will they do with their mid-first round pick?

DJ Augustin, who was absolutely an animal for the Bulls this season averaging 14.9 points, 5 assists, and shooting 41.1% from 3, and long-time backup point guard Kirk Hinrich are both free agents entering the 2014 offseason. While many mocks have the Bulls going after a point guard in the draft, I feel as though there will be plenty of affordable options in free agency who will be far more ready to come in and backup Derrick Rose (I really hope he comes back to full speed next year. I miss Derrick Rose being awesome).

The wing situation after the Julius Randle trade is Mike Dunleavy, Jimmy Butler, and Travis Outlaw. There is obviously a pressing need at both wing positions.There will be options to fill said need in free agency, but there is one player on the board who could step right in and bolster the wing scoring in Chicago maybe like no other player in this draft could.

So, without further adieu, with the 16th pick in the GBB Community Mock Draft, the Chicago Bulls select

16) T.J. Warren, SF, North Carolina State

T.J. Warren is a guy I have been incredibly high on throughout the entire draft process. If a player has one truly great asset then that player will always be able to find minutes on whatever team he is a part of. The 2014 ACC Player of the Year has one asset of his game that stands out above all else: his ability to score. T.J. Warren, or T.J. Buckets as some call him, can flat out put the ball in the basket. This past season at North Carolina State, Warren averaged 24.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, 1.8 steals, and shot 52.5% from the floor. A bit of a knock on Warren is his inability to consistently hit 3's, shooting just 31.5% during his career at NC State, but he has solid shooting mechanics and his three point shot figures to improve throughout his NBA career.

T.J. Buckets can score in a variety of ways. His mid-range game is exceptional, and it features a runner that is virtually unstoppable. With his great size (6'8" 230 lbs.), he can take smaller defenders in the paint where he has some rock solid post moves. Also, Warren has good quickness, so he has the ability to get past bigger defenders off the dribble.

Due to his excellent size., T.J. Warren does have the ability to play either small forward or a stretch power forward. He has an NBA-ready body and an NBA-ready offensive game, and Tom Thibodeau will be able to maximize his defensive ability in his wizard-like defensive schemes.

T.J. Warren will be a force in Chicago, providing them a scoring punch off the bench much like Nate Robinson and DJ Augustin have done for them over the past two seasons.