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Marc Gasol is the lovable home-body we all hoped him to be, has no plans to ever leave the Memphis Grizzlies.

With a potential 2015 free agent opportunity just a year away, Marc Gasol has made his intentions quite clear.

Marc no interested in your free agency.
Marc no interested in your free agency.
Christian Petersen

According to The Commercial Appeal, Marc Gasol has no intention to ever leave Memphis, TN (from an NBA basketball standpoint). This statement from Marc candidly displays his disinterest in testing the NBA market:

I’ve always said Memphis is my home away from home. Robert (Pera, Grizzlies owner) knows that. I know that. My teammates know that and that’s all that matters. I live day to day but I don’t see myself anywhere else.

That's just one of the reasons we love you, Marc. You big, silly, fearsome, own-ass-smacking helluva person.

Let's get the Front Office settled, get Big Spain an extension and have one less thing to worry about in Grizzlies Land.

I believe RaganSmash put it quite aptly:

Please do. Things seemed to have worked out well for San Antonio by way of that concession.