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Grizzly Bear Blues 2014 Community NBA Mock Draft results

Each team in the first round of the NBA Draft was represented by a member of the GBB community or staff. Here's what we see as possibly going down on Thursday night.


First off, a big thanks to everyone who signed up and participated. The response was phenomenal and you all really made the most of the opportunity. We'll definitely be doing these in the future - including a possible GBB Community Re-Draft in July - so keep your eyes out and check the site often!

(Comments from myself with be marked CF, all others are from the respective GM's)

1. Cleveland Cavaliers (Chris Faulkner) - Andrew Wiggins

I debated between Wiggins & Embiid... over and over, but I was eventually scared off by Embiid's health. Lo and behold, he breaks his foot and will be out for 6-8 months. Turns out I still might be aligned with the real Cavs as they are rumored to be quite interested in Jabari Parker. -CF

2. Milwaukee Bucks (Kwhittington) - Joel Embiid

Well, someone was going to get stuck with a high pick on him. The foot injury news broke after we started our mock draft, but just goes to show you that nothing is ever guaranteed in the sports world. Wiggins or Parker could go #1 overall and then break a leg the next day. -CF

3. Philadelphis 76ers (KellyMelvina) - Jabari Parker

The Philadelphia 76ers need offense desperately. While tanking to land this pick, the 76ers ranked dead last in offensive rating at 96.8, three points lower than the second worst team in Orlando at 99.3. Jabari Parker immediately steps in and fills the hole at small forward and upgrades the teams ability to score points on offense.

4. Orlando Magic (BluesCityJoe) - Dante Exum

This has true boom-or-bust potential with the age and relative unscouted nature of Exum, but Orlando needs as much talent as they can get and Exum seems to be that. Perhaps he'll remind fans of another tall point guard that used to wear the pinstripes, Memphis's own Penny Hardaway.

5. Philadelphia 76ers [from UTA] (KellyMelvina) - Aaron Gordon

It'll be unorthodox, especially due to Gordon's size, but with the NBA heading to a position-less league aka 1 point guard, 3 wings, and a center, Gordon fits perfectly with what Philly is trying to build going forward. He's the complete opposite of Jabari Parker. While Parker is an offensive savant, Gordon is expected to be a force defensively.

6. Boston Celtic (Dekebarron) - Noah Vonleh

Vonleh's potential is simply too great to pass on him. Vonleh possesses ideal size for the 4 standing at 6'9 and his 7'4 wingspan add some needed length to the C's frontline. Vonleh's post game continues to develop, but he showed many flashes in college of being a go to post scorer.

7. LA Lakers (Tonyallenismyhomeboy) - Marcus Smart

I would have loved to have taken two other players with this pick. Julius Randle is a more athletic ZBo and will be great on whatever team he lands (I bet he ends up in the 8th slot) and Zach LaVine is an amazing athlete that can surprise a lot of teams with his pure ability. many years has the best player in the draft been the top PG/Combo Guard???

8. Chicago Bulls [from SAC] (chipwilliamsjr) - Julius Randle

Randle is a perfect fit here at 8. The Bulls have decided to go in a different direction at the power forward spot, moving on form Carlos Boozer. The 6'9" 4-man form the National Championship runners-up Kentucky Wildcats is ready to make an impact from day one in the NBA.

9. Charlotte Hornets (Andrew Ford) - Nik Stauskas

To recap Stauskas' offensive game, he will nail a three if his man gives him any space, but he will blow right by his man if he gets too close. That skill set will make him tough to guard in the NBA, and the Hornets will welcome his scoring and ability to space the floor.

10. Utah Jazz [from PHI] (Jmxisnext) - Adreian Payne

A lot of experts have the jazz taking a pf at 5, but I figured I could get a solid pf a little further in the draft to pair with Derrick favors. Payne and favors similar style could mesh well together, and with thad young a tweener at the 3/4, the jazz will have a ton of flexibility in their front court lineup.

11. Denver Nuggets (VancouverGrizz) - Gary Harris

I considered Doug McDermott in this slot, but he would significantly overlap Gallinari's existing skill set. But I went with Harris largely because I'm a big believer in the importance of age. McDermott turns 23 midway through next season while Harris will play his entire rookie season at age 20.

12. Atlanta Hawks [from ORL] (TheRealHrdlicka) - Dario Saric

We're drafting Saric to let him do the things he does best - handle the ball, run the floor, and use his superior height and court vision to find open shooters (of which, the Hawks have in abundance). Meanwhile we're counting on the consummate professional, Al Horford, to cover all of Saric's weaknesses - rebounding, defending, protecting the rim.

13. Phoenix Suns [from MIN] (Adam Rubrum) - Rodney Hood

A lanky shooter who can move around fairly well with the ball (and efficiently, just a 10% turnover ratio at Duke), Hood has the shooting chops (42% from three and a technically sound high release) to make him a very solid grab at #13.

14. Memphis Grizzlies [from MIN] (Joe Mullinax) - Doug McDermott

The ArmChair GM thinks that Dougie's possible shortcomings as a Grizzly on the defensive end are overblown. Tony Allen has shown us time and again that effort is the biggest key to being a good defender, and McDermott has that work ethic in spades.

15. Orlando Magic [from ATL] (BluesCityJoe) - Kyle Anderson

Tyler Ennis is probably the most pro-ready of the remaining prospects (but they've already drafted a PG), Zach LaVine probably has the most upside (but hasn't produced yet), and James Young was the most hyped coming out of high school (but did little to impress at UK). Kyle Anderson possesses a rare skillset the Magic choose not to pass up here.

16. Chicago Bulls (chipwilliamsjr) - T.J. Warren

T.J. Warren will be a force in Chicago, providing them a scoring punch off the bench much like Nate Robinson and DJ Augustin have done for them over the past two seasons.

17. Boston Celtics (Dekebarron) - Zach LaVine

Ultimately LaVine's elite athleticism and scoring potential were too good to pass on with this pick. I'm including Rajon Rondo in the long term plans for now, which is why I passed on the two Ennis and Payton.

18. Phoenix Suns (Adam Rubrum) - Tyler Ennis

Trading away Dragic has severely downgraded their point guard depth. Since Bledsoe is more of a SG, and Ish Smith is well, Ish Smith, Ennis gives them a pure point guard for the future.

19. Sacramento Kings (Tcampbell395) - Jerami Grant

The Kings grab a backup plan to Rudy Gay with another freak athlete with a wingspan that rivals the great albatross. He'll need to work on a lot of elements to keep his head in the NBA game, but he's got the physical tools and athleticism to be very good on both ends of the floor (just like Rudy...).

20. Toronto Raptors (Arkm110) - Cleanthony Early

Early fills a need as a wing who can help Toronto off the bench. Terrence Ross and DeRozan will likely continue to start for the Raptors, but bench players Steve Novak, Landry Fields and John Salmons all leave something to be desired from a production standpoint. Early is ready to produce now.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder (Kevin Yeung) - Jusuf Nurkic

Gotta admit, I didn't really expect Nurkic to be here and I had my eye on other types of guys. The Thunder drafted Steven Adams last year and it looks like they've got something there with him. This pick kind of deviates from the plan.

22. Memphis Grizzlies (Joe Mullinax) - Elfrid Payton

Oh hey Nick Calathes, you're possibly entertaining deals overseas? After getting suspended and shooting the Grizzlies in the foot? Go get that money Nick, we will be fine over here with a young man who screams upside.

23. Utah Jazz (Jmxisnext) - P.J. Hairston

PJ can guard either wing position and create matchup problems for days. He might never be a star, but he will most certainly be that rock-solid team player that will stand up to any player.

24. Charlotte Hornets (Andrew Ford) - Jarnell Stokes

Jarnell Stokes, 6'8, 263, can immediately step in and play meaningful minutes as a backup power forward. He brings maximum energy to the floor every single night while generally wreaking havoc and using his thick, powerful body to wear his man down both offensively and defensively.

25. Houston Rockets (LSUDavidTerry) - James Young

Here's a guy that's been linked to Boston at #6, as well as Philly at #10 and Orlando at #12. He has scoring and shooting skills that were near the top of his high school class last year and legitimate wing size - 6'7.5" in shoes, 7' wingspan, and 8'8" standing reach.

26. Miami Heat (Jill Kong) - K.J. McDaniels

Who knows what the Heat will actually need in this draft. Whatchoo doing LeBron? -CF

27. Minnesota Timberwolves [from PHO] (DontKillJohn) - Glenn Robinson III

Robinson certainly has it in his blood to be a great NBA player, and genetics have been kind to GRIII. He has a solid mid-range game and his frame indicates he can develop in to a solid NBA wing eventually.

28. LA Clippers (Tonyallenismyhomeboy) - Walter Tavares

This feels like a draft and stash, especially if they cannot get any help immediately on the low post. Remember, this team had Danny Granger, Big Baby, and Hedo Turkoglu as backups for Hell Boy. Those guys might as well show up to pick up their checks with a mask and a gun.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder (Kevin Yeung) - Shabazz Napier

Napier is fairly limited in his game, but there's one thing he does really well, and that's shoot the ball. He can create his own look from the perimeter in one-on-one situations, he can sink shots over defenders, and he can knock down threes at a super-efficient rate.

30. San Antonio Spurs (Chris Faulkner) - Jordan Adams

The Spurs get a tremendous value and a position that will eventually be of need when Manu Ginobili internally combusts from a vicious flop during World Cup Basketball and Danny Green leaves to cash in on free agency.


And that's a wrap, folks. We'll see how the real deal measures up to what GBB came up with in mockery. Once again, many thanks to all of you who participated. It was a blast!