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Zach Randolph's agent, Raymond Brothers, on The Chris Vernon Show to discuss contract impasse

Z-Bo's agent took to the Memphis airwaves to clear the air (non-waves) of any speculation of the contract issues with the Grizzlies.

Christian Petersen

Here are some tidbits from The Chris Vernon Show this morning when Raymond Brothers, Zach Randolph's agent, made an appearance to talk about the contract situation with the Memphis Grizzlies:

  • Brothers was adamant that the report of an impasse being about the length of the contract is completely false. That is not the issue. (nor did he seem to believe there was an actual impasse)
  • Zach loves memphis.
  • Zach's name change -- First name: Win, Last name: Championship
  • Zach is willing to take less money in an extension after picking up his option this season
  • Chris Wallace is fantastic and has been in constant contact about "talking about a contract"
  • Zach has a sincere commitment to building a championship team in Memphis.
  • Brothers has not turned down a contract offer from the Grizzlies. (later clarified)
  • Zach & R. Brothers would be okay with a 2-3 year extension.
  • Zach  & R. Brothers are still optimistic about reaching a deal.
  • They have not turned down an offer for an extension to his current deal. (clarified)
  • The salary figure for Zach in 2014-15 is absolutely negotiable.
  • He's willing to be financially flexible to surround the core with better players to contend for a title.
  • Zach & R. Brothers feels the ownership is committed to winning and is optimistic going forward.

All right. I'm thoroughly confused, but surprisingly relieved in many ways. It at least seems that the kaboom from earlier was either false, conjured or overblown. Raymond Brothers is ... an interesting person, but when he says the number of years on the contract hasn't been an issue and that Zach is willing to change his salary hit next season I'm inclined to believe him.

Hopefully the Grizzlies make a statement to clarify their side of it soon.