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2014 NBA Draft: Memphis Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace's drafting history

Here's the resumé that Chris Wallace comes into tonight with, although many will continue to doubt the actual influence that Wallace has over these big decisions right now.


Check out Mark Deeks entire analysis of each General Manager in charge for the 2014 NBA Draft.

Chris Wallace, Memphis Grizzlies

2013: Drafted Jamaal Franklin (41), Joffrey Lauvergne (55) and Janis Timma (60). Traded Lauvergne's rights with Darrell Arthur for Kosta Koufos.

2012: Drafted Tony Wroten (25).

2011: Drafted Josh Selby (49).

2010: Drafted Xavier Henry (12), Dominique Jones (25) and Greivis Vasquez (28). Traded Jones's rights for cash.

2009: Drafted Hasheem Thabeet (2), DeMarre Carroll (27) and Sam Young (36).

2008: Drafted Kevin Love (5) and Donte Greene (28). Traded Love's rights with Mike Miller and a multitude of irrelevant players for the rights to O.J. Mayo (3) and a different multitude of irrelevant players. Traded Greene's rights and a future second round pick for the rights to Darrell Arthur (27).

2007: Drafted Mike Conley (4)

2002: Drafted Darius Songaila (50).

2001: Drafted Joe Johnson (10), Kedrick Brown (11) and Joseph Forte (21).

2000: Drafted Jerome Moiso (11). Acquired the rights to Josip Sesar (47) in exchange for two future second round picks.

1999: Drafted Kris Clack (55).

1998: Drafted Paul Pierce (10).

1997: Drafted Chauncey Billups (3), Ron Mercer (6) and Ben Pepper (56).

What we see: There are many misses here, including some huge ones, but there is also the occasional enormous success. Pierce seems obvious now, and was pretty obvious then too, but he wouldn't have been missed so many times were he unmissable. And much as the decision to trade Joe Johnson was widely and rightly decried, it was still a great pick.

Historically, Wallace seems to have overvalued athleticism -- the worst two athletes he has picked in his time with Memphis, Vasquez and Carroll, are also the best two players he has picked for them. (Well, except for Thabeet.). The lesson seems to have been better learned in more recent times, but as said in the opening, it is very unclear how much say he has had in recent times.

Nevertheless, he's back in charge now. Memphis have only one pick, No. 22, but it's in a range in which Wallace has had some success in the past. He is clearly not afraid to gamble, but ought remember that Best Player Available is rarely a bad strategy.

The obvious add-on joke here is that we can predict that Wallace will go with the best high school athlete still on the board at #22. While Chris Wallace has had his interim GM tag removed, I still feel like head coach Dave Joerger will have significant pull in this year's draft.