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2014 NBA Draft Rumor: Memphis Grizzlies possibly trying to trade back with Toronto Raptors to shed Tayshaun Prince

The Grizzlies have wasted no time with getting into the rumor mill. Will they move out of the first round just to get rid of Tayshaun Prince?

Kevin C. Cox

This isn't exactly what I had in mind on a Draft Day trade, although I can't blame them (really, I can't - considering how I've wrote about and pined for this) for wanting to dump Tayshaun Prince and his $7 million salary.

There's a sliver of hope for excitement in here (although it's possible to net a high upside player at #37). Perhaps this trade is only a rumor and not official because the Grizzlies are waiting to see if they can swing a trade back into the first round. Perhaps that would even be into the lottery.There's some exceptional talent in the first round of the this year's draft, and it would be unfortunate for the Grizzlies to pass on all of it.

Unless they know something that no one else seems to know. [Somewhere John Hollinger is burning incense and summoning supernatural powers.]