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Memphis Grizzlies star Zach Randolph has agreed to a 2 year/$20 million extension after opting in for 2014-15

Chris Wallace greasing those tracks!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Fantastic news coming off the heels of a pretty darn good NBA Draft last night. We're taking a big hit this season, although not an amount the Grizzlies can't work around, but the big news here is that the Memphis Grizzlies get two more years of Zach Randolph at $10 million a season after 2014-15.

So essentially it's like a 3 year/$36 million deal or around $12 million a year - basically what most of Grizz Nation was wanting out of the big guy. The Grizzlies will have him for the best of his remaining years and at a discount price to boot.

Really awesome to see Zach honor his word in regards to making sacrifices to help Memphis build a contender (I know, I know. What a sacrifice $36 mm is right?) Just as importantly, it appears that the Grizzlies Front Office is defined and operating at a fairly high level - something we didn't necessarily believe about a month ago.

I'll be eating some chicken wings in your honor tonight, Z-Bo. Let me know if you want to come over and get down on some with me.