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GBB Community 2014 NBA Mock Draft: Cleveland Cavaliers Pick #1

We kick off our community mock draft today ... who goes #1?

Note: Here is the link to the posting schedule for all 30 picks. If you're wanting to work out a trade with someone you'll need to make contact in the comments of one of these posts and work something out over email/twitter.

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With the first pick in the draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers select:

1) Andrew Wiggins

No surprises here! Even as the temptation to draft Joel Embiid, an NBA ready center with measurables and intangibles out the frame, rises in the coming and past few weeks, there's no denying that Andrew Wiggins just has a little extra je ne sais quoi.

We'll give the folks in Cleveland a shot to develop a player who could become a all-time great at a position that's in hot demand in the NBA. While Embiid's rare skill set at the center spot sets him apart, Cleveland feels comfortable finding another effective big man in the free agent market this summer. This is like passing up the discounted Ford F-150 program car with 1,500 miles that you just test drove to take a shot at the brand new Lamborghini that you might not know how to drive just quite yet.

I did receive some nice trade offers for this #1 pick, but in the end I decided to not over-think the situation and go with the science.