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Memphis Grizzlies Do Not Extend Qualifying Offer to Ed Davis, Making Him an Unrestricted Free Agent

All Boss things have to come to an end at some point, I suppose. With the Zach Randolph extension and the trade with the Utah Jazz on Draft night to get Jarnell Stokes it appeared that the writing was indeed on the wall for Ed Davis. His disappointing time in Memphis comes to an end just as free agency is set to begin on July 1st.

Ed Davis is likely leaving a Boss.
Ed Davis is likely leaving a Boss.
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And with the mighty power of a WojBomb, the Boss Era in Memphis all but ended.

So the Memphis Grizzlies, as widely expected by writer, blogger and fan alike, choose to not extend a qualifying offer to Ed Davis and he is no longer a restricted free agent. Memphis allows for Ed to go into the cold and unforgiving world of Unrestricted Free Agency...OK, maybe it isn't all that cold, but it is a place where the Grizzlies are no longer on the hook for Davis's cap hit.

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Not being forced to pay Davis $4.36 million next season if a qualifying offer was extended and no other NBA team offered him a deal worth that amount or more is a positive for the Grizzlies. With the Z-Bo deal in place, Memphis is now pushing closer and closer to the Luxury Tax threshold. This gives them more breathing room in regards to the Tax, enabling them to use the full Mid-Level Exception and not have to worry about going over.

For Ed Davis, the supposed key piece of the Rudy Gay trade from almost 18 months ago, this ends a very lackluster time in Memphis. Ed never got the minutes necessary for him to make an impact for the Grizzlies and was also never able to be a quality role player off the bench. In Ed's next stop (hopefully in the Eastern Conference and not in the West/Southwest Division) he needs to show either the consistency to get 20+ minutes a night or be put into a starting role where his talents will be fully used.

Charlotte, for example. Or Miami. Or Washington. Hell, anywhere but the West. As a proud member of the "Ed Davis Fan Club", a vision of Ed playing for the Clippers, Rockets, Spurs or Thunder against the Grizzlies in the playoffs sends chills down my spine. His talent is undeniable, but he never really fit in to this roster as constructed and could not come to terms with his role on the team. It will be up to Ed to finally achieve his potential.

From my "Forever Young- The Ballad of Ed Davis" piece earlier this year-

It could have been Memphis, I do believe that. Ed Davis just wasn't ready to carry the ball. The problem with youth is, you can't have that potential forever. At some point, potential must become reality. I hope Ed Davis, of Washington D.C., of Richmond, VA, finds that reality.

Until then, we can only think of what might have been, and what could eventually be.