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GBB Community 2014 NBA Mock Draft: Boston Celtics Pick #6

The Celtics certainly had an eye to the future as they assembled their roster for the 2013-14 season. They could truly go many ways with both this pick and the 17th selection, including trading them for proven NBA talent (they're certainly in the Kevin Love sweepstakes and Omar Asik would make tons of sense).

Editor's Note: Here is the link to the posting schedule for all 30 picks. If you're wanting to work out a trade with someone you'll need to make contact in the comments of one of these posts and work something out over email or Twitter.

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Team and Draft Order Representative GM Player Selected
#1 Cleveland Cavaliers Chris Faulkner Andrew Wiggins
#2 Milwaukee Bucks Kwhittington Joel Embiid
#3 Philadelphia 76ers KellyMelvina Jabari Parker
#4 Orlando Magic BluesCityJoe Dante Exum
#5 Philadelphia 76ers (from Utah) KellyMelvina Aaron Gordon

With the 6th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft the Boston Celtics, represented by Dekebarron, select:

6) Noah Vonleh, PF from Indiana

Honestly I was surprised to see Vonleh's name still on the board. Vonleh's upside is just too much to pass up on here, even though Julius Randle is arguably more of a sure thing. Marcus Smart was also in the discussion because his scoring ability would fill a need. Vonleh's potential is simply too great to pass on him. Vonleh possesses ideal size for the 4 standing at 6'9 and his 7'4 wingspan add some needed length to the C's frontline. Vonleh's post game continues to develop, but he showed many flashes in college of being a go to post scorer. He also has a developing long range game, hitting half of his three point attempts, though only averaging one attempt per game. If he continues to display that type of ability to stretch defenses he's an ideal complement to Sullinger or Olynyk. Additionally, this pick allows for the flexibility to trade Sully or Olynyk should the right deal come along.

Vonleh must continue to work on his passing, arguably his biggest weakness, as well as his post defense and rebounding. Improvement in those areas along with continued refinement of his offensive game make Vonleh's higher ceiling the reason he gets the nod over Kentucky's Julius Randle and Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart.