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GBB Community 2014 NBA Mock Draft: Los Angeles Lakers Pick #7

The Lakers are represented by Tonyallenismyhomeboy.


Editor's Note: Here is the link to the posting schedule for all 30 picks. If you're wanting to work out a trade with someone you'll need to make contact in the comments of one of these posts and work something out over email or Twitter.

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#2 Milwaukee Bucks Kwhittington Joel Embiid
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#5 Philadelphia 76ers (from Utah) KellyMelvina Aaron Gordon
#6 Boston Celtics Dekebarron Noah Vonley

Hang on for a minute....

Before making this pick...I need to put myself in the mind and soul of your average Laker being a former Memphian I am not often want to do...Close eyes....begin séance....


I am now a fan of the franchise that has sixteen NBA titles with a terrible nickname...I feel kinda smug.  Actually, I'm not thaaaaaat interested in basketball until WE are in the Finals and WE have the best player in the world.  Speaking of that...some of the best players have ever played here...Baylor, West, Kareem, Wilt, Oscar, Magic, Shaq, and Kobe.

The problem the team has now is that they suck. I mean of all the downright terrible teams in this league...they were just dreadful.  This team had a defense anchored by Ryan Kelly and Chris Kaman and an offense that featured Kendal Marshall's semi-decayed carcass and "Swaggy-P," famous gunner and owner of as many assists I have myself.   When WE were great, WE were grrrreat.  Now the team is terrible...awful...downright's all probably the coach's fault...whoever that is now...

But all those bums will be gone...Kobe will be back... and WE will be back to glory...and we can start with this draft...

With the seventh pick in the 2014 NBA Draft...The Los Angeles Lakers select:

Kevin Love, PF UCLA

Everybody get on board the Love train baby!!!!!  Already a LA resident...this guy is going to own the league for years and years to come, and I guarantee he will be in the playoffs multiples times in his first six we end up not needing him...we can always trade for another essential piece...definitely more than OJ Mayo's potential....He will be the Yang to Kobe's Yin, the Robin to his Batman...the Watson to his Sherl...wait...what...

He's not in this draft?  Are you sure??? (Checks Wikipedia on Google Glasses....)

Then let's trade for him!!!!!! Send whatever we got to get him.... How about Steve Nash, Nick Young, Kendal Marshall, Ryan Kelly, and Chris Kaman and our pick for him??? Stop seriously....stop laughing....

Well if we can't trade for him lets sign him...wait...what do you mean Kobe has all of our cap space locked up for the next 2 years??  This is not fair.

(Shakes off Laker fandom....I think I am going to be sick)

Alright....serious this time

With the seventh pick in the draft...The LA Lakers select...

7) Marcus Smart, G, OSU

The Best Point/Combo guard in the draft is not falling past a team with no backcourt shooting (sans Kobe, who may be more of a 3 by now anyway) and a Canadian skeleton for a point guard.  A 6'3" guard with 6'9" wing span who is highly athletic and great finisher at the rim (57% of his shots finish at the rim or in free throws), a lowering turnover percentage (14% his second year, down from 19% his freshmen year), as well as a decent free throw shooter.  Smart is also not afraid to take a shot, even if he is not the best shooter, and is a high volume three point shooter, even if his percentage hovered around 30% last year (c'est la vie Swaggy P).  His physical comps rate him as a Jarrett Jack like player, but his ability has him compared to such players as Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul.  I actually view him as a Russell Westbrook type more than these other two, with the requisite ability and the attitude to match.

Speaking of attitude, Smart gets a bad rap for having a bad one.  For our purposes, let's just call him a ultra-competitive type. Like Joakim Noah, and move on.  He will get playing time with this team, and being with Kobe Bryant next season will truly teach him how to play without shooting, because he never will.  If he does not have his soul sucked out in the last few years of Kobe's career, I believe he will turn out to be the best draft pick the Lakers have made since Kobe himself (who have not drafted a starter in the league since 2005 with Andrew Bynum and even further back 1996 with Derek Fisher...yes he is thaaaaaat old...and I do not count Marc Gasol either).

I would have loved to have taken two other players with this pick.  Julius Randle is a more athletic ZBo and will be great on whatever team he lands (I bet he ends up in the 8th slot) and Zach LaVine is an amazing athlete that can surprise a lot of teams with his pure ability. many years has the best player in the draft been the top PG/Combo Guard???  There is a need here and Marcus Smart definitely fits.