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2014 NBA Free Agency: Memphis Grizzlies pursuing Troy Daniels to add perimeter shooting

Are the Grizzlies going to attempt to bolster their roster with more shooters this offseason? It appears so if this latest rumor is true.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

According to a tweet by Shams Charania of RealGM, the Grizzlies are one of the teams interested in snatching up Rockets restricted free agent Troy Daniels. If this is true, it won't be easy for the Grizzlies to do so, as there are many suitors lined up for Daniels' services. Also, the Rockets seem eager to re-sign the sharp-shooter.

Here's the tweet that contains the teams that are rumored to have interest in Daniels:

Despite the current logjam the Grizzlies have at the shooting guard position, they are still a team starved for more shooting. In the NBA D-League, where Daniels spent most of his time last season, he thrived in Daryl Morey's experiment with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, the Rockets D-League affiliate. Morey wanted the Rockets playing at an extremely fast pace and scoring as many points as possible by basically taking as many shots around the rim and from three as possible while taking as few shots in between as possible. The Vipers took an outrageous 45.4 threes per game. Daniels himself averaged a gaudy 12.5 three-point attempts per game, while he converted 5.0 of those per game.

In his brief stint with the Rockets after being called up, Daniels only took 25 total threes. However, he hit 12 of those, good enough for 48% from beyond the arc. He also hit a clutch shot in the NBA playoffs against the Portland Trailblazers to win the game for the Rockets in overtime, which is what he is most remembered for.

Daniels is a guy that will space the floor for any team he is on, as his sharp-shooting ability makes it difficult and probably unwise for his man to ever leave him to dig down or play help defense. He will likely be cheaper than many other quality options, making it even easier to see why the Grizzlies would pursue him.

Again, it's unlikely that we will see Daniels in Memphis this upcoming season because of the Rockets desire to keep him coupled with the already crowded backcourt that has the Grizzlies in their current predicament. All options will surely be pursued by the front office though.