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GBBLive With BluesCityJoe and Rocky Top Talk's Patrick Edwards Tonight at 7 CT!

With the NBA world in turmoil thanks to Melo and King James, GBBLive will try to make sense of it all while talking Grizzlies Summer League with Blues City Joe of GBB and Jarnell "J-Bo" Stokes with KidBourbon AKA Patrick Edwards of SBNation's Rocky Top Talk Blog! Find how to listen here.

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As free agency heats up and the Orlando Summer League comes to a close, GBBLive with your Host Joe Mullinax will survey the landscape at 7 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio! Listen to the show in the player below or via this link.

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The Managing Editor of Grizzly Bear Blues, Chris Faulkner, will be on for his usual segment "Grizzly Bear News" at the beginning of the show. Free Agency will be the main topic of conversation as LeBron James' decision looms over the Association. How will the eventual domino fall affect the Grizzlies, especially when it comes to Mike Miller's future in Memphis?

GBB's own BluesCityJoe AKA Joe Witherwax will join the show in the second segment to focus in on the Grizzlies' Summer League. There have been some highlights and lowlights so far, but what all does it mean for the main roster and Iowa Energy come training camp in October? Who will most likely stick around past Orlando?

Finally, Patrick Edwards of SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk will be Mullinax's guest to discuss one of the newest Grizzlies, 2nd round selection and former Tennessee Volunteer Jarnell Stokes. The Memphis native has shown promise in his shown time as a bear of Beale Street, and Patrick will fill us in on what we can expect from J-Bo in the future.

All this and more on the latest episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Check out our BlogTalkRadio page, follow us on Twitter @GBBLive and sign up for Audible's Audio Book service using this URL to help GBBLive donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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