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2014 NBA Free Agency: Memphis Grizzlies rumored to be making a run at Vince Carter

Looky, looky!


Hay hay hey! Looks like the Grizzlies might be throwing a Hail Mary towards Vinsanity. Chris Vernon has a very reputable past of Griz insider info so there's good reason to believe the Grizzlies are pursuing 8-time NBA All-Star Vince Carter. Here's what Grizz Nation is saying about it:

Here's the analysis from Senior GBB Writer Joe Mullinax:

Vince Carter is a proven wing player who can score the ball in a variety of ways. He comes in and is the starter from the beginning, allowing for a trade to not be a necessity but an option to pick up picks or address another need. Vinsanity in Memphis would be a win-win for all involved; Carter stays on a relevant team, Memphis gets a wing who is versatile and an effective stop-gap if the plan is indeed to try to solve the SF problem long-term via free agency in 2015.

Carter currently ranks 2nd on our GBB Ranker: Top Ten Potential Free Agents for the Griz, right behind Mike Miller who in all likelihood will be headed up north.

Check back with us for more updates, analysis and thoughts as this scenario develops!