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2014 NBA Free Agency: Vince Carter Highlight Reels for Memphis Grizzlies fans

Yes he's old, but he's still pretty amazing and a superior athlete. Here are some of the most applicable VC highlights for Grizzlies fans to fuel their reasonable enthusiasm for the latest addition to the roster. Check. It. Out.

I won't spend much time talking about what Vince Carter can do for the Grizzlies here in this post. I've brought pictures (moving ones!) to help me do that today.

Sure, Vince no longer jumps over 7-footers while doing 360's, but he can still posterize some guys and has adapted his game to be a more clever version of his younger self who can hit big perimeter shots.

What's funny is that three of the Grizzlies' needs this offseason were adding scoring, perimeter shooting and athleticism -- and somehow, at age 37, Vince Carter brings that to Memphis.

Relish in the flash of the season highlights above, but below is some of the most recent film on Vince and what he's capable of doing. This is the kind of veteran savvy I like to see. It seems to have a lot more of an impact than the kind that's not kinetically based, i.e., Tayshaun Prince.

And if you had any doubts about what he meant to the Dallas Mavericks, there's already a tribute video: