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GBB Ranker: Top 10 Wing Player Combinations for the 2014-15 Memphis Grizzlies

With the addition of Vince Carter to the Memphis Grizzlies this 2014 offseason, we wanted to look at the best possible combinations of starting shooting guards and starting small forwards. Help us figure out which of these tandems gives the Memphis Grizzlies the best possible starting lineup.

Editor's Note: While this doesn't cover all possible permutations of players (QPon, VC and TA could potentially start at either position) it covers all the possible combination of players, i.e., Tony at SG with VC at SF also represents the inverse of VC at SG with TA at SF. -CF

Tip of the hat to both Adam Rubrum and Trisity Miller for helping create this GBB Ranker!

Top 10 Wing Player Combos for the 2014-15 Grizzlies