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Analysis on Vince Carter's introduction with the Grizzlies, GM Chris Wallace's update on offseason moves

Vince Carter is officially a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. Check out what he had to say in his introductory press conference along with quotes from GM Chris Wallace on future roster moves, Nick Calathes, and the summer league.


Vince Carter Press Conference Audio

Outside of the short-lived, rather infamous stint of Allen "The Answer" Iverson, there has not been a bigger name to dawn the Beale Street Blue than future Hall-of-Famer Vince Carter. The 8-time All-Star ranks 7th all-time in career 3pt makes and 25th all-time in career points scored, so he certainly fits the bill when talking about needing more scoring and shooting at the wing positions. At 37-years-old, one cannot help but wonder what the former Dunk Contest Champion has left in the tank, and naturally, Vince made a joke or two at his own expense.

My guess is Vince has probably fielded a couple of questions about his age over the last few seasons, so he was ready for them on Monday.

A somewhat underplayed or even forgotten about factor in losing Mike Miller is his ability to be lead a team. Mike has been there and done that when it comes to having success in the NBA. He's played alongside LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, two of the very best leaders in the entire league. So, when it came down to it, Mike Miller was not afraid to step-up, take charge, and be the leader that the Grizzlies needed him to be. Is there a better replacement for Mike Miller in terms of leadership than Vince Carter? Well Memphis Grizzlies General Manager, Chris Wallace, and Vince Carter himself do not believe so.

So, what's Vince Carter's main goal to accomplish in his time here in Memphis? It's pretty simple:

In case you're unfamiliar with the term "that O'Brien trophy", he is referring to the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy. Yes, Vince Carter believes he can win a championship here in Memphis and that was his main motivation for joining the Grizzlies.

After the regular press conference had concluded, GM Chris Wallace stuck around to field some questions from a few media members. (Side Note: One thing I've picked up on in my few times interviewing Chris Wallace is that he likes loves to talk. He's always willing to talk to the media, which is great for me and everyone reading this, even if it means he has to stay after) Chris touched on a variety of subjects including Nick Calathes:

(Yes, I know I left of the 'y' in fully. I was tweeting at a very high volume yesterday, and I may have made a mistake or two. Please, don't be that guy)

It seems like the Grizzlies are very close to being done with the 2014 offseason. They've used the majority of their Mid-Level Exception, and they're over the salary cap, so they do not figure to be major players during the rest of free agency. However, Chris Wallace was asked if the Vince Carter acquisition was it in terms of bringing in new players before training camp and he said:

Wallace went on to say that he was very pleased with what he saw out of Jordan Adams and Jarnell Stokes in the Orlando Summer League. He talked about Adams being a natural scorer, and he believed that they could make him a better athlete over the next few years. In regards to Stokes, Wallace simply said:

So, with all the moves the Grizzlies have made this offseason, what does the GM of the team think about next season, and how the team will fit-in in the mighty Western Conference:

You can listen to the entire Vince Carter Press Conference here: Vince Carter Press Conference