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The Memphis Grizzlies have narrowed down the search for heir apparent GM to Chris Wallace

Woj is reporting that the "apprentice GM" role that has yet to filled for the Memphis Grizzlies is narrowed down to a select number of candidates.

The article goes on to detail that Indiana Pacers front office  VP Peter Dinwiddie, former New York and Toronto GM Glen Grunwald and Iowa Energy GM Chris Makris remain in the running for the Vader-to-Emperor-Palpatine position in the Memphis Grizzlies. (that technically makes Robert Pera "the Force", I think

Woj even hints at the idea that this eventual hire will likely have prominent say in the decision making of the the Grizzlies Front Office. One would conclude that encompasses roster construction - an interesting nuance to pay attention to in the coming months/years.

We here at GBB have had personal contact with Chris Makris on the GBBLive podcast - and he's quite a pleasure to engage in conversation. He's passionate, knowledgable and prepared. I'll give him my personal vote of preference and I'd encourage you all to consider doing the same.

Regardless of who ends up with the assistant GM role, the future of the Grizzlies Front Office looks to be in good hands as Chris Wallace helps mold the future orchestrator of the franchise as owner Robert Pera guides it all through the mayhem of the NBA.