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GBBLive Tonight with Trisity Miller and Grizzlies Assistant Coach Jason March at 7 CT

The week that was in Grizzlies Nation saw some highs and lows. Allow for Host Joe Mullinax and company to get you caught up on the latest edition of GBBLive! Find how to listen below.

Why is Vince Carter smiling? Because he is coming to Memphis of course!
Why is Vince Carter smiling? Because he is coming to Memphis of course!
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

As Memphis recovers from a bout of Vinsanity, GBBLive covers the Grizzly events of the week and looks to how the Summer League results and Vince Carter signings impact the Memphis Grizzlies moving forward. You can listen in the player below or via this link.

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In the first segment known as "Grizzly Bear News" Grizzly Bear Blues Managing Editor Chris Faulkner and GBB Writer Trisity Miller will join Host Joe Mullinax to talk about the week that was for GBB. Some great articles were written this week discussing a variety of topics, and you can be sure that Vince Carter becoming a Memphis Grizzly (and the GM in waiting search) will be discussed. Also, how will the wing minutes be divided up, who will play best together and is there another move on the horizon for the Grizzlies? Lionel Hollins will likely come up as well.

Finally, Memphis Grizzlies Assistant Coach and Advance Scout Jason March will come on the program. Coach March coached the Memphis Grizzlies Summer League team in their final two games, including the title game. He will no doubt provide great insight into the development of the Summer League Grizzlies and what can truly be taken away from the performances, both good and bad, in Orlando.

All this and so much more on the latest episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Follow @GBBLive on Twitter, check out our BlogTalkRadio page and sign up now for an audio book trial using this URL to get yourself an audio book download and help GBBLive support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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