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GBBLive Podcast with Memphis Grizzlies Coach & Scout Jason March Available Now

The Memphis Grizzlies has a pretty solid week between the Vince Carter signing and a great Summer League performance. GBBLive talked about this and much more with Managing Editor of GBB Chris Faulkner, GBB Writer Trisity Miller and Memphis Grizzlies Assistant Coach and Advance Scout Jason March on the latest episode! Listen below.

Are you worried about Jamaal Franklin? Coach Jason March tells you not to be on GBBLive!
Are you worried about Jamaal Franklin? Coach Jason March tells you not to be on GBBLive!
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The newest edition of GBBLive was another power-packed episode with great Memphis Grizzlies insights and analysis from great GBB minds and a member of the Grizzlies' coaching staff! Listen in the player below or by using this link.

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In the first segment Host Joe Mullinax was joined by Producer of GBBLive and Managing Editor of Grizzly Bear Blues Chris Faulkner and GBB Writer Trisity Miller for the weekly "Grizzly Bear News" segment. Vince Carter was the main topic of conversation, as we took a look at his strengths as a player, who he will play best with for the Grizzlies and what his role with Memphis will be. Will he start, come off the bench, how much can be expected of Carter as he ages? The trio also discussed the GM-in-waiting search and more in the first segment.

Mullinax then had the privilege of talking with Memphis Grizzlies Advance Scout and Assistant Coach Jason March about the Summer League, his experiences within the Grizzlies organization and what Grizzlies fans can expect from Jordan Adams and Jarnell Stokes. He spoke highly of both draft picks and compared them to two star NBA players, one of which will most certainly right a bell. He also discussed why he is not worried about Jamaal Franklin and so much more.

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