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Help Wanted: Join the Grizzly Bear Blues team and cover the Memphis Grizzlies!

The Grizzlies aren't the only ones making moves this offseason. As site manager I am scouring the globe for passionate Grizzlies fans to help contribute to and write for GBB!

Grizz wants YOU!
Grizz wants YOU!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

A Call to Arms to Grit & Grind & Write Together!

Hello everyone, Grizzly Bear Blues is currently looking for additional talent to add to its tremendous staff. I am looking for writers to help enrich discussion on the site, promote our material on social media and cover everything entailed in Memphis Grizzlies basketball. Your chance for greatness is at hand.

The Skinny

GBB has grown leaps and bounds over the past year as we build on the incredible foundation laid down by Tom Lorenzo and Kevin Lipe. The site is still primed for huge growth in the upcoming year as we experience all-time highs in traffic, produce a burgeoning weekly podcast and continue putting our mark on the Grizzlies blogosphere that has exploded in recent years.

Becoming a part of the exclusive staff of GBB gives you one of the more prominent voices in the Memphis Grizzlies community. The Grizzlies fan base is always ravenously consuming Griz material, and you'll have a chance to speak to the masses through our wide-reaching platform here at GBB & SB Nation. We even have articles placed on the front page of SB Nation NBA and are referenced and linked all over the internet.

Some of our staff have used their time with GBB as a springboard into bigger (and paid) writing gigs with other websites. While that's definitely not the goal of everyone here, it's a beautiful and very real perk for your efforts on the site. Write. Read. Grow.

Minimum Qualifications

1. You are a huge fan of basketball and the Memphis Grizzlies.

2. You often shirk other responsibilities to read or think about the Grizzlies. If you'd be embarrassed by how often GBB shows up in your browser history at work, we need YOU.

3. You can take the thoughts inside your head and transcribe them into competent arrangements of English words that effectively communicate your idea, i.e., you need to be able to write complete sentences.

4. You have strong opinions on the Grizzlies that have not been yet been brought to the foreground.

5. You have strong opinions on Grizzlies issues that have already been brought to the foreground but need some additional perspective.

5. You take genuine pride in your writing, your discussions and how you gather facts and data to back them up.

6. You aren't easily offended by someone disagreeing with you.

Preferred qualifications

1. You are an active member of the Grizzly Bear Blues community or are very interested in figuring out how the site operates and communicates.

2. You are active on Twitter and/or Facebook, spending time looking for fresh news and analysis of the Grizzlies.

3. You click on your GBB bookmark at the first notice of any Grizzlies-related news.

4. You enjoy discussing Griz fodder on our website and want to enrich the discussion in our comments.

-The Writers We Need-

News Reporting

This is a big part of what we do here. GBB is frequently one of the first sites to post reactions and news stories about the Memphis Grizzlies. The idea is to provide a platform for breaking news or rumor discussions as they pop up throughout the day. A writer who takes control of this journalistic weapon will often be in charge of setting the tone for discussions on the site, a tone that can permeate much of Grizz Nation.

A writer who wants to be involved with this aspect of the site will need a flexible schedule, particularly during the workday when news typically breaks. Our goal at GBB is to have a post ready to be published within an hour or so of the story breaking. These types of post aren't required to be 2,500 word diatribes. Sometimes a couple hundred words (2-3 paragraphs) can be very effective in starting the discussion, with more detailed analysis coming later in the day or even the day after.

Game Day Coverage

The staple of GBB and SB Nation -- one of the reasons people come to us and trust our coverage. There's, at minimum, 90 games to cover every season (don't forget those 8 preseason games!) and usually a postseason swath that's even more intensely covered. For every game we will have a preview, a live GameThread and post-game coverage that includes a quick recap (posted within an hour of game's end) and a full recap (in-depth analysis to be posted the next morning). Someone interested in this type of writing could be involved in all of those aspects or be solely committed to helping with one of them.

The name of the game here is efficiency and punctuality. A quick recap that's ready at 2:00AM does little good for anyone, as does a preview that's posted an hour before tip-off. The people we need helping with this endeavor should be able to write concisely and would operate effectively on a schedule. Much like the News Reporting, Game Day Coverage usually provides the jumpstart for conversations and sets the tone after a win or loss.

Features and Analysis

There's obviously a ton of material that can be self generated on GBB and isn't reliant on news or game play for inspiration. We have all types of content flavors on Grizzly Bear Blues: film breakdowns, trade speculation, reaction to pop culture, silly lists, game diaries ... hell, we even had posts comparing the roster to Valentine's Day bouquets last season.

As editor, I will also throw out random article ideas every week as I think of them. These are usually very opinion driven concepts that need a strong voice. Perhaps your forte isn't NBA X's & O's, we still have a bevy of outlets in which you can pour your writer's soul. Or maybe you've got a brand new idea for the site that you want to develop -- we're always on the lookout for passion and opinions. Ideally, people who are interested in this role would have some prior writing/blogging experience and be able to write lengthier pieces. These types of articles aren't as time-sensitive as the news and game coverage.

Social Media Colporteur

Some people are just programmed for social media, specifically, for us, that's Twitter and Facebook. I need someone who can man the helm of GBB's social accounts and use them to effectively promote our material and image through them. This would include scheduling tweets/posts for ICYMI's with enticingly clever pitch lines that present the article content in an appealing light rather than just regurgitating the link (regurgitation is an easy way to get unfollowed.) This Colporteur would also engage followers in conversation to keep a live personality flowing through the account in addition to occasionally live-tweeting/facebooking Grizzlies' events.


The Writers We Want

We're hoping to assemble a steady and reliable group of writers who can contribute something unique to Grizzly Bear Blues. I obviously need people who take this opportunity seriously, but, as you can confirm with my staff, we're not going to invade and take over your life here. Your passion for the site, the Grizzlies or the City of Memphis is at least partially why you're still reading this post, and I find that that emotional investment is usually plenty of fuel for providing great material on GBB.

The casual internet surfer can find Grizzlies news at a dozen different sites on the internet, but Grizzly Bear Blues is the place we want them coming to first, and they'll do so because we offer a unique voice and a genuine essence of the Griz fan base.

Do You Feel The Itch?

If you're still reading then you have passed the first step: you're thinking about how you can contribute to the site! Your next action should be to contact me personally so we can discuss your aspirations and figure out a role for you on the GBB staff. Have some sample work ready for me to review or, even better, go write up a FanPost on the site as your audition!

Just be honest with yourself and with me and I know we'll make some beautiful music. Don't worry yourself with coming in and knocking everyone's socks off with a NY-Times-ready column. The profound and bone-shaking article ideas will eventually come to you as we work through the season. Right now we just need passionate and committed people who want to become a part of and enrich our growing community.

Are You Up For It?

If you feel like you have something to offer Grizzly Bear Blues go ahead and email me over at Although GBB gigs are voluntary and unpaid, (although if we grow the site like I feel we will then that can change!) what we can offer you is wide exposure to thousands of people around the world. Your name -- in print -- with throngs of fans hanging on your every word. While one of my biggest goals is to bolster our reputation in Memphis, TN, we already have thousands from around the globe coming to our site because of the quality material we provide in covering the Grizzlies.