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GBB Create-a-Caption #32 and Weekly Links Roundup: Joerger & Bzdelik, A Match Made in Heaven

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It's just a natural fit, you know? He's been around the league, and he knows how to present himself on the court. The man knows how to dress, I guess it was I'm trying to say.

Dave Joerger on hiring Jeff Bzdelik

Efficiency is something we really take not of here, duh. [laughs] Once I saw the Dillard's Gold Card I knew this was a direction we should probably think about taking. Dave could literally end up savings hours of shopping time once we integrate Buzz's tie selection in with his.

John Hollinger on hiring Jeff Bzdelik

I want to give our head coach the best tools available to run this team. I've also talked about how important it is to find complimenting styles in our leadership. You aren't going to find a better compliment to Dolce & Gabbana belts with Van Heusen oxfords than we have here with Jeff. It's nice to see things rounding out on the staff.

Robert Pera on hiring Jeff Bzdelik.



  • RaganSmash got to check out the Seattle Pro Am and kick it with Robert Pera and Quincy Pondexter, now making him one of the biggest celebrities here at GBB.
  • I had you all rank the top discussion topics for Grizzlies fans. It was an odd mix of tongue-in-cheek and reality that left Tayshaun Prince with his first #1 rankings in GBB Ranker history.
  • We're looking for new contributors around these parts. Want to join the team? I also posted an update on the search, and I'll be taking applications through the weekend.
  • The Grizzlies have agreed in theoretical principles to hire Jeff Bzdelik. The Grizzlies coaching staff will not be a weakness of the team this season.
  • Joe Mullinax brought dinner to the table two days in a row with his "Deep Depth" parts 12 that offers up some interesting lineup possibilities with how the Grizzlies roster is currently constructed.
  • GBBLive rocked and rolled with myself and Cam Rose taking a crack at some of the more difficult decisions that Memphis could be looking at making this season.
  • Ed Davis left Memphis, and then proceeded to speak highly of his time here and the people he met.
  • There's a kickstarter up that offers you a really sharp Grizz Nation poster and uses the proceeds to restore Memphis public basketball courts! I don't really consider you a Grizzlies fan if you look at this poster and don't immediately drop $25 on it.

Faulkner's Weekly Favorite

Mmm... Chanko! I wouldn't mind trying this for a few months if for no other reason than being able to justify eating 10K calories a day because it's healthy (for a Sumo wrestler). It's also interesting to see how different the US and Japanese versions of the diets can be, and how the US champion more closely resembles a WWE wrestler in stature.