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Memphis Grizzlies considering new alternate uniforms starting 2015-16 and beyond

We have no idea what they might look like, but they're coming!


Jason Wexler, who recently upgraded his title from COO to President of Business Operations, did a Live Chat today at, and look who snuck in a question!


In case you can't read that, I asked Wexler about new alt unis for the upcoming season. And he replied that it takes a while to get them approved, but they're looking at options for 2015-16 and beyond.

This is my giddy voice, in case you can't tell. What could they look like? Oh, the colors, the patterns, the possibilities. Feel free to speculate in the comments below. Surely some of you have a few photoshop chops and can get creative for us.

For a look at some of the Grizzlies past alternate uniforms check out our Greatest Grizzlies Uniform of All Time series from last year!