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UCLA Bruins expert says Jordan Adams could possibly play the 3 position some at the NBA level

I'd like to give a big thanks and welcome to IE Angel from Bruins Nation for taking some time to delve into Memphis Grizzlies draft pick Jordan Adams. IE Angel has watched and analyzed the play of Adams for his 2 years at UCLA and has loads of perspective on how he'll translate to the NBA.

Stephen Dunn

It was a selection that surprised (and let's be honest, disappointed) many Grizzlies fans on Draft Night 2014, but if the Memphis Front Office felt strongly enough about Jordan Adams to take him in this densely talented draft then I'm willing to bet there's plenty we can find to keep us optimistic.

For those of you new to this ReplyAll format, check out the conversation page and submit your own questions regarding Jordan Adams for IE Angel. We'll keep the conversation going for a few days and see where it takes us!