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GBBLive Podcast with 92.9 ESPN'S Hogan & GBB's Edwards Now Available

Sharknados and Leuers and Browns, oh my! An eclectic episode of GBBLive is now available for download if you missed the live show, or if you just want to re-live all the GBB goodness.

Marc and Pau will be together again soon playing for Spain. Is this a good thing for the Grizzlies?
Marc and Pau will be together again soon playing for Spain. Is this a good thing for the Grizzlies?
Christian Petersen

Sometimes, as the off-season grinds on, you gotta endure a Sharknado or two.

GBBLive aired another awesome episode this past Thursday night, one in which sharks in tornadoes and James Brown being underrated were discussed alongside Grizzlies basketball. If you missed the live show, or want to enjoy it all over again, listen in the player below or click on this link.

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In the first part of the show GBB Senior Staff Writer Keith Edwards joined Host and GBB Senior Staff Writer Joe Mullinax in the "Grizzly Bear News" segment, filling in for GBB Managing Editor Chris Faulkner. In addition to Sharknado, Joe and Keith discussed Jon Leuer's and Kosta Koufos' roles on the Grizzlies and all the new additions to the GBB staff.

The second segment featured some superb Grizzly analysis from Ben Hogan of 92.9 ESPN in Memphis. The Producer of the "Eric Hasseltine Show" has been a great GBBLive guest in the past and he was wonderful again in this episode. Ben and Joe talked about Twitter, Overrated/Underrated, and how exactly to feel about Marc Gasol playing in the FIBA World Cup in Spain, in addition to the Grizzlies' off-season at large.

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Continue to Grind Forth, Grizz Nation! See you next week.

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