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GBBLive Announces Radio Move to YahooSports730 AM in Memphis in Latest Podcast

In addition to great guest appearances from Chris Faulkner, YahooSports 730 AM's Issac Simpson, and GBB's Raleigh McCool, Host Joe Mullinax announced the move of GBBLive from BlogTalkRadio to YahooSports 730 AM in Memphis on August 29th. Listen to the Podcast below for details.

GBBLive is making the jump to radio!
GBBLive is making the jump to radio!
Andy Lyons

The transition to YahooSports 730 AM in Memphis for GBBLive started with the latest episode, which you can listen to in the player below or via this link.

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The first segment featured the big announcement itself; the last episode of GBBLive on BlogTalkRadio with Host Joe Mullinax will air August 20th at 7 CT. From there, GBBLive will make its radio debut on YahooSports 730 AM Friday, August 29th, from 8:30 to 10:00 AM with new Host Chip Williams. Chip joined Producer Chris Faulkner and Joe to discuss the new show and what it will be like. It is a great opportunity for both Chip and the site, and we are exicted to see the show expand to the radio. Joe and Chris then broke down the 2014-2015 Grizzlies schedule month by month, looking at unique aspects of each moth for Memphis.

The second segment of the show featured Issac Simpson, our new neighbor over at YahooSports 730 AM in Memphis. The Host of the "MC Sports Show" helped Joe break down the schedule further, and also predicted All-Star Game participants from the Grizzlies.

Finally, Raleigh McCool joined us on GBBLive to talk about what got the Nashvillian into the Grizzlies and wanting to write for GBB. We also talked about Rudy Gay, MTV Rock and Jock, and where the Grizzlies fit in to the Western Conference playoff picture as of today.

All this and so much more on the latest episode of GBBLive! Follow @GBBLive on Twitter, check out our BlogTalkRadio Page, and sign up for using this link and get a great audio book service while helping GBBLive support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.

One more episode to go! Be sure to listen to the BlogTalkRadio finale of GBBLive Wednesday night, August 20th, at 7 CT. Grind forth, Grizz Nation, this is GBBLive!

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