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Become a Sponsor of GBBLive the Radio Show!


In case you missed the announcement last night, GBBLive will be moving from a podcast to a full fledged radio show every Friday from 8:30-10am starting August 29th on 730AM Yahoo! Sports. We need to align ourselves with a few local sponsors to make the show happen. 730AM Yahoo! Sports have given us a tremendous deal on sponsors, and they're willing to play any commercial GBB is able to get Monday-Friday 6-7 times a day! That's 30-35 times a week and 125+ times a month!

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor for our 'new' show, please contact one of the following people for more details:

Chip Williams, GBB Staff Writer and Host of GBBLive:

Chris Faulkner, Managing Editor of GBB:

With any questions about 730AM Yahoo! Sports email Josh, Producer of GBBLive and 730AM Yahoo! Sports Producer/Employee:

We're incredibly excited to get the show started. Be sure to tune in August 29th in Memphis and surrounding areas on 730AM, or tune in nationally on the TuneIn Radio App, search station KQPN or online at