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Marc Gasol looks like he plays professional basketball for the first time in his life

Big Spain has never looked so good.

Andolu Agency

Following a year of marital body inflation and lowered physical activity from a knee injury, Marc Gasol looks, for lack of any better way of putting it, damn good. Take a look at the muscle definition showing up in his FIBA World Cup exhibitions:


And look at the Wendigo here!! How long has it been since he's feasted upon the flesh of man?


Where'd that belly go?. And this comes after looking like this only 3 months ago in the NBA Playoffs:


And, hold your breath, looking like this 10 years ago in Spain:


Lest I even bring up his high school days in Memphis:



Is Marc Gasol getting into contract shape on a contract year? It's possible, but not likely. I'd still maintain that this surge in fitness stems from Gasol's knee feeling better, his continued friendship with Mike Conley (a known fitness addict), and the realization that he must be in the best condition of his life for the Grizzlies to have a shot at contending for a title.

As I said last night on GBBLive, this is a fantastic image for Grizz Nation to gaze upon in the month of August.

Big Spain looks more like Thin Spain, and I'm expecting some remarkable things from Marc this season.