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Who wore it worst? The lamest jersey in Grizzlies history.

Don't wear these jerseys into FedEx Forum, lest you incur the laughter of millions.

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Joe Murphy

Last week, "Big Country" Bryant Reeves won the Emmy for Coolest Grizzlies Jersey in History (Amy Poehler: if you wanted to win so bad you could've shot better than TWENTY-TWO PERCENT from downtown).

Reeves' old Vancouver jersey is so cool that I've just been casually pulling up his photo and using it as a conversation starter among friends. I started an eBay account (ten years late) just to bid on Big Country's big #50. My dad even wants to buy one.

So now that we know what cool looks like (a pasty-skinned, buzzed-head center in a cartoonish jersey), it will be easier to see what not-cool looks like. Which begs the question:

What is the lamest jersey in Grizzlies history?


Hasheem Thabeet


Hasheem Thabeet! Hasheem Thabeet! Hasheem Thabeet! Take one precious second and think about all the other players who could've inhabited this jersey. Now go huddle in the corner. Cry into your Thabeet jersey. Call your mom or girlfriend. Take a deep breath. Good, good.


Gilbert Arenas


Did they even sell these?


Allen Iverson


Question: Who is the only former Grizzly to appear on both the "coolest" and "lamest" jerseys to own list?

Answer: The Answer.


Kwame Brown


Is it possible that someone owns this uniform? SportsDome, the since-deceased sports parody show from The Onion, crushed it with this, the Kwame Brown Lottery:

The loser "will be burdened with human garbage, Kwame Brown."


Every Memphis Grizzlies player who wore this:



O.J. Mayo


Alright, alright--OJ had his moments. Still, coming from someone who owns an authentic Vince Young Titans jersey, you expected that jersey to be worth a lot more than a bullet point on this list, didn't you?


Sam Young


May he that wears this jersey be reminded that Sam Young--Sam Young!--started for the first Grizzlies team to ever win a playoff game.


Do you own any of these jerseys?

Who do you think donned the lamest jersey in Grizz history?