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Memphis Grizzlies Preseason Predictions: El Doble All-Star?

I'm going through my wildest and craziest dreams for the Grizzlies 2014-15 NBA Season.

Joe Murphy

A couple of weeks ago we looked at which Grizzly might be the next to be voted onto the NBA All-Star team. As Joe Mullinax points out, the Big 3 (Gasol, Conley, Randolph) are the most likely candidates because of their roles on the team and their ability to consistently produce. Not to mention that they are the most recognizable and tenured players in the franchise.

Get ready, brace yourselves.

My bold prediction is that the Grizzlies will have (2) TWO NBA All-Stars this season. I think it's the year for Memphis. Kevin Love is gone to the East, Tony Parker will start to decline, and one of Curry/Davis/Lillard is going to regress a smidgeon (all but the Love concept are based on my crystal ball). If the Grizzlies can get off to a great start, I'm talking like a 15-5 start, we're likely looking at some less impressive totals from division opponents that make a Dirk Nowitzki, Dwight Howard, or James Harden take a backseat in the minds of fans.

Maybe, just maybe, the general population of NBA fans begins to use its frontal lobes and decides to not auto-vote Kobe Bryant onto the team this year. With everything that went wrong for Memphis last season, I think the cosmic energy of the NBA is bound to smile on the Grizzlies much sooner than later.

What do you all think about them apples?