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GBB Annual Recap: The Best of the GBBLive Podcast

As I approach the one-year anniversary of my time in charge of GBB, we look back at some of the best bloggage from the past year.

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The podcast rendition of GBBLive, hosted by Joe Mullinax and frequently joined by yours truly, recently went into a blogger cocoon, waiting patiently to emerge later this week as a beautiful radio butterfly on Yahoo Sports 730AM. But until Chip Williams takes the brave new world we have some of the best episodes of GBBLive.

The Debut

All the way back in mid-January of 2014, Joe and I tipped off the podcast series with a lineup that included OG GBB founders Kevin Lipe and Tom Lorenzo. Honestly, you might want to save this one for last just to be able to laugh harder at how green we were in podcasting experience.

The Beauty Queen

We were joined by the lovely Leia Sergakis, fiancé of Grizzlies center Kosta Koufos. Secrets were revealed and laughs were had by all.

The Playoffs

Recorded and broadcasted during the middle of the Grizzlies enthralling series with the OKC Thunder, we went behind enemy lines and had some great conversation with Zeb Benbrook of SB Nation's Welcome to Loud City.

The Young GM

After the Grizzlies announced their marriage to the Iowa Energy of the NBA D-League, GBBLive had Energy GM Chris Makris on to discuss what the new relationship might entail. Makris has outstanding energy (pun intended) and will still get you excited for the Grizzlies new partnership.

The Scout

Following the NBA draft, Joe was able to have a great conversation with Grizzlies advanced scout Jason March who also participated as a coach for the Grizzlies Summer League team in Orlando this summer. You'll like what March has to say about draft pick Jarnell Stokes.

The Finale

GBBLive went out with a bang as we went a full hour and a half with supreme guests like Matt Moore of CBSSports and Grizzlies Public Announcer Rick Trotter. Joe and I also gush over each other and Marc Gasol's new slim figure.


You can still listen to the full archive of GBBLive over at Blog Talk Radio. And don't forget about the jump to Yahoo Sports Radio Memphis this Friday at 8:30AM-10:00AM on 730AM Memphis.