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Kevin Love Heads East: A Quick Take (or four)

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that surprised no one, the Minnesota Timberwolves agree to trade Kevin Love to Lebron James the Cleveland Cavilers for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennettand a protected first round pick. A few quick takes:

For the Cavs

Irving-Waiters-James-Love-Varejou. This lineup if best in the East, even if Derrick Roseis awesome. So this off season Dan Gilbert pulled off the best power post player and the best player in basketball. Wonder if he still writes in Comic Sans...cause he is a man now

For Minnesota

Has anyone ever gotten more than two overall number picks for a player than a just got (Find out in next week's GBB O/U Rated column)? On average, the median career for a top overall player has been Chris Webber. Imagine having the promise of two Chris Webbers over time. Wayyyyyy better than having to overpay for Klay Thompson next summer, huh? Now, getting them to stay maybe another matter...

For Golden State

Klay Thompson better be awesome

For our Grizz

Between Chris Bosh not going to Houston, Pau not going to San Antonio or Oklahoma City, and Love headed to East with Lebron, things worked out pretty good for our fair city. If we looked at the Western Conference playoff teams from last year:

1)San Antonio- stayed the same, which is bad. But they can't keep this up forever, right? Guys?

2) Oklahoma City- stayed the same, and they were one ZBo fist from being eliminated by a seventh seed.

3) LA Clippers- stayed the same. Bad bench in the front court, no defense in the back court

4) Houston- Worse. No Lin...No Asik...No Lebron, Melo, or Bosh....and James Hardenstill can't sub out for defensive possessions

5) Portland- No clue yet. I can't tell if this team was a flash last season or the real deal...will need to watch closely next season. Either way, I still do not see them sneaking into the top four

6) Golden State- Same, and Klay Thompson better be freakin' awesome

7) Memphis- a little better. Just having this roster healthy for more games next season should propel this team into the top half.

8) Dallas- better, but I'm not betting on Tyson Chandler being 2010 Tyson Chandler, and that is what this team needs.

And just out of the playoffs:

Phoenix- Better or worse depends on whether Eric Bledsoe comes back or what they get for him if he leaves.

Denver- Better. I believe in this team

Does this trade make the Western Conference less of a knife fight next season: Not even close. From one to ten, this conference is loaded, with only Houston being worse than the season before roster wise. Still, this sets up another team in the West that has a sharp learning curve for next season (Minnesota) and several veteran-laden teams that will be able to take advantage. Plus, hasn't most of the Grizz games against Minnesota been close thanks to Kevin Love's shooting?

So fair thee well to the Love train...and stay out east