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The Grizzlies Forgotten Asset: Janis Timma


The Grizzlies are open to making a move that would improve the team and move them towards a championship this year and in the future. What people don't realize is that one of the more valuable assets for the Grizzlies isn't on the team. He hasn't even played a minute in a real Memphis Grizzlies uniform, the FedEx Forum, or the NBA.

Janis Timma out of Latvia was taken 60th in the 2013 NBA Draft. He was seen as a project that could develop overseas and one day come to the NBA and make an impact by John Hollinger. This was one of the first moves in the Grizzlies organization that was influenced by the analytics based approach of John Hollinger.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hollinger, TImma has not panned out. The last two years in summer league when given a chance to show off and improve Timma has been benched within the first two games. He has looked overmatched and discombobulated AGAINST THE SUMMER LEAGUE PLAYERS. It's highly unlikely that Timma is going to be even a marginally effective NBA player so now it's time to consider him as an asset and not a project.

I usually wouldn't give up on a player after just two summer league sessions, but it has become apparent he will not be an NBA player. Including Timma in a trade would be beneficial for the Grizzlies and whoever the Grizzlies are trading with. The Grizzlies would be able to keep most, not as the Grizzlies have the max of 15 players, of their team intact, while still providing cap relief for a different team.

Timma could be a deal sweetener next to Tayshaun Prince, whose contract is expiring, by giving a team a good amount of cap space this offseason. The upcoming class of free agents could be one of the best in years, which is impressive considering who has moved teams over the years, so teams are going to want to shed cap space. There is also always a team that is underachieving halfway through the season and will want to rid itself of some of its talent so they can be players in free agency. This is how the Grizzlies are going to take advantage if they don't make a deal now.

There is no pressure on the Grizzlies to make a deal now, even if fans want them to now. They can go into the season and let things play out. There is no telling who will hit the trading block or who will decide to start tanking. It's better for the Grizzlies to sit back and wait, rather than making a deal right now that may not net the team as much talent.

The Grizzlies are in an interesting, but tough position. If they pull the trigger to early they don't get enough or if they wait too long they could end up with nothing. It's a tough situation for newly re-appointed GM Chris Wallace to navigate, let's hope he knows what he's doing.