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Grizzlies hire former Chinese National Team coach Bob Donewald, Jr to lead the Iowa Energy

The Grizzlies add another passionate voice to the operations up in Iowa.

Garrett Ellwood

The Energy have an experienced, steady hand as their new head coach. Today, the Grizzlies announced the hiring of former Chinese National Team coach Bob Donewald, Jr.

Donewald experienced great success in the Asian leagues and was even chose by former NBA great Yao Ming to coach his own Shanghai Sharks. Before his stints in China, Donewald held assistant jobs with the Cavaliers and the Hornets.

Coach Dave Joerger lauds him as "a tireless worker and effective communicator who will be important in helping our players reach their potential." We know how important communication is from our experiences earlier in the offseason. It's great to see the values of the Grizzlies' culture having a strong influence on what happens up in Des Moines with the Energy.

Want to see Bob's effective communication in action? Check out these clips from the 2012 Olympics where he effectively makes some goofy journalist feel like an idiot.

This seems like a high energy fellow who will probably be successful at motivating young and developing players.