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Jarnell Stokes and Jordan Adams challenge one another to showcase their skills

The Grizzlies two draft picks have taken to social media to see how their games are developing before training camp.

Steve Freeman

If you read any of our NBA Draft coverage you probably know that Jordan Adams isn't the most elite athlete on the planet. While he has supreme body control and incredible hand-eye coordination, his vertical abilities are limited for an NBA player. Perhaps that's why Jarnell gave him a pretty tame challenge to start with. It's a nice clean dunk, but c'mon ... I saw better stuff from you in Summer League, Jarnell.

Adams is no dummy. One of the greatest qualities a person can have is awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses. So what was Jordan's response to the throw-down?

I wish they had gotten Adams' feet in the shot so we could see what kind range he was working with here, but it's impressive nonetheless. And I'm willing to bet that it would take Stokes up to a half hour to recreate that shot successfully.

What have we learned here? Other than the fact that Jarnell has apparently switched from #2 to #1 and Jordan has switched from #1 to #3 (??), we learned that the Grizzlies possibly have an athletic big man and a sharpshooting wing on their roster. And that feels pretty good.

What do you guys think? Who won this battle? Or do we need to see another round to keep these rookies on their toes?