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Memphis Grizzlies Mental Endurance Coach Trevor Moawad talks about mental conditioning on CBS Sports

While digging around the web I found a sneak preview at what the Grizzlies latest staff addition can bring to Memphis.

Grizzlies owner Robert Pera recently put a focus on the mental side of the game and hired Trevor Moawad to coach the players' psyche into bringing better results on the court. It sounds as though this approach will also affect a good deal of the players' lives off the court, and I mean that in a good way.

Although this video is under the context of football, you can generally apply everything Moawad says to the game of basketball. Something he said really stood out to me towards the end of the video:

At the physiological level we all talk to ourselves. A lot of times, we don't know how often we do, but at a thousand words per minute we're talking to ourselves at subconscious level. And the more you can simplify that process (the better results you will see).

That's really interesting just in the frame of everyday life. How much I've I really been talking to myself while writing this article although I've been sitting in silence for at least 30 minutes? Is it a wonder that some of us come across as shy or quiet? We're possibly dictating hundreds of thousands of words in subconscious dialogue everyday!


I'm excited to find out what this new mental guru will be implementing for our Grizzlies this season, although there's a decent chance most of it could be top secret and we'll possibly never know. I'm sure we'll end up knowing a little bit more about Moawad and his role with the Grizzlies over the coming weeks. Perhaps we could even persuade him to come on GBBLive and hypnotize Joe Mullinax!