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GBB Create-a-Caption and Weekly Roundup:

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Here's my caption:

Awesome. - Anyone with a modicum of appreciation for the NBA.

It's been really fun to see Derrick Rose flash his potential greatness once again. And as life always giveth and taketh, the news of Paul George's injury is as excruciating as Rose's resurgence is exhilarating.


-Chip Williams kicked off our interview series called Grizzly Bear Banter with a fantastic piece on Jon Leuer.

-We GBB roundtabled the juxtaposition of Tony Allen being able to play the SF position and TA actually being a SF.

-Joe Mullinax outlined how Kosta Koufos can improve his own well being while obviously pumping out that of the Grizzlies.

-I found out that Robert Pera hangs out with very attractive ladies on occasion.

-Jason Wexler told us that the Grizzlies are looking into new alternates for next-next season.

-GBBLive featured the lively, amusing and charming voices of Joe Mullinax, Keith Edwards and Ben Hogan fron 92.9 FM ESPN Memphis.

-Matt Hrdlicka gaves out his summer reading recommendations for the Grizzlies in a parts one and two.

-Cgerb gaves us several reasons to root for Spain over USA in the FIBA World Cup.

-Huffines looked at the current stable of Grizzlies point guards.

-Kevin Yeung asked a question on everyone's mind, how good is Quincy Pondexter?

-I don't have room to go through all the brilliant FanPosts that adorned GBB this week, but you absolutely should because there's a lot of great material to keep your belly full.

New Blood, Great Folks

I'd like to give a warm welcome and big thanks to Charlie Gerber, Chris Huffines, Austin Reynolds and Raleigh McCool for joining our staff as writers and an equally heartfelt welcome and thanks to Grace Baker, Robert Boyd, Craig Fielder, Andrew Howell, jmj1757, ljjung and tonyallenismyhomeboy for coming in to contribute to the site as well. I'm still in communications with a lot of other people about being a part of our community so keep those gears turning!

Faulkner's Weekly Favorite

I'm a sucker for animals, and that would include the videos that feature them more often than I'd like to admit. This one happens to involve a bear, which is loosely relevant, and a crow, which is not relevant. The interaction between them, however, I find particularly relevant to the ubiquitous hope that, deep down, we corporeal beings are good. While there's no telling why this bear does what he does in this video, it warms this blogger's cold heart.