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Best of GBB: Memphis Grizzlies Front Court Big Men

Some of the most popular material from the past year on the front court bigs of Memphis: Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, Kosta Koufos and Ed Davis.

Rocky Widner - National Basketball Association

Marc Gasol


Marc Gasol: Injury Calculus
We tried to pick up the pieces after Marc's early season knee injury.

GBB Roundtable: Is Mike Conley more important to the Grizzlies than Marc Gasol?
As we got close to his return we asked everyone who was more valuable.

Grizzlies have improved 8 spots in Defensive Efficiency rankings since Gasol's return
Marc came back and the gods smiled. Grizzlies fans also smiled.

Offset language in 2008 trade sends Pau Gasol back to Grizzlies and Marc Gasol back to Lakers
I gave some people a good scare on April Fool's Day this year.

One of the reasons Marc Gasol is amazing, a true connection to the Grizzlies fan base
A great video showing the emotion of Big Spain.

¿Viva España? The Case for Marc Gasol and Spain in the FIBA World Cup
Why you should cheer on the Wendigo this summer.

Zach Randolph


Less is More: Why a step back may be the best thing for Randolph and the Grizzlies
Joe began his crusade to get Zach out of Memphis. (hehe)

Top 5 Fights between Zach Randolph and Blake Griffin
The best of one of the best rivalries in the NBA.

Memphis Grizzlies Zach Randolph still drawing paycheck from Trailblazer
We learned about Z-Bo's financial savvy.

Z-Bo's Song: The Art of the Double-Double
How Zach racks up those stats.

Z-Bo with the golden pipes?
According to an insider, he's got the best voice in the locker room.

Kosta Koufos


Kosta Koufos: The Best Grizzlies Draft Pick Since Mike Conley
A look at what the Griz got in the big man.

Kosta Koufos Will be Invaluable to the Memphis Grizzlies in 2013-14
We prophetically predict how important Kosta was last season.

What's up with Kosta Koufos' shooting struggles on the Memphis Grizzlies?
An examination of why his stats weren't translating from Denver.

Grizzlies' center Kosta Koufos: NBA player, battle dancer or yoga Maha Yogeshwara?
We got all the 'tails from Koufos' lady, Leia Sergakis on GBBLive.

Ed Davis


A Crucial Season for Memphis Grizzlies PF Ed Davis
This one's short and sweet. The expectations are given here...

The disappointing season of Ed Davis, bench warmer for the Grizzlies
...not met, and then explained here.