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GBB Over/Under: Complaining about Television, League Pass, Hell's Edition, and The Dumbest Thing on the Internet...This Week

What Up!!!!

First of all...some shout outs...

S/O to everyone who read and voted on the 2008 draft poll from last week. Twenty five people cared enough to read to the bottom of the page, which first of all is awesome. And second of all is about 24 more people than I though would read it (my wife is very proud of me). And congrats to those who voted that Derrick Rose would still be drafted number one, mostly because you must be brilliant because you agree with me.

S/O to Chip WIlliams, the new host of Grizzly Bear Blues Live on 730 Yahoo Sports. While I am new to posting for this site, I am not new to the podcast. I have been a fan of Joe and Chris' work since its inception and its great that it is getting bigger and bigger. Congrats fellas!

S/O to the bots on Twitter who re-tweeted my piece from last week. I tell you what...if any real life people re-tweet this weeks O/U, I'll give you a shout out here at the top of the column and might even say something nice about you.

S/O to Rick Ross for teaching us neophytes how to eat chicken wings like a boss. Fat Boy need a ten piece indeed.

The Grizz


Complaining about the national television schedule- so...what is the sound of one hand clapping? This is what ESPN, TNT, and ABC hears when we complain about the national television appearances of any teams. It is really hard to hear while their executives are taking a treasure bath. Anyway...when the schedule came out this week the Grizz were scheduled one national television game, November 7th against OKC (and no...I do not count no one should...its like having your game on ESPN the Ocho....or the SEC Network). This team is pretty good, its fan base is rabid of not small, and we as fans would watch this team play on any network, then complain that the commentators suck, and switch back to Pete and Brevin. The thing is that no one in national television media (save Chuck and Bill Simmons) pays any attention to this team unless they do something. And as John Hollinger said, there will be plenty of national television games in late April, May, and June.


Complaining about the national television schedule- These are the teams that are national television more than Memphis: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Indiana, the Clippers, the Lakers (with 20!!!!!!!), Miami, Minnesota, New Orleans, the Knicks, OKC, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, Toronto, and Washington.




Highlights of the NBA Schedule- just Google this phrase and see that every sports site on the planet has one of these posts. Guess what? Lebron is playing on Christmas??? No way!

I am going to take a different tact. Here is my list of lowlights, the games that would be playing on Hell's League Pass.

  • Worst game- December 21st- Philadelphia at Orlando- what a stink fest this will be. Come see a team full of injured players against a team full of players who aren't even exciting enough to say they suck. 
  • Worst National Television Game- There are some doozies in here----How about Huston at Minnesota on November 12? Denver and Indiana on November 14th? NUt the winner is January 19th, The Detroit Pistons at the Atlanta Hawks on ESPN. B...O....O....
  • Worst Grizz Game- Memphis Vs. Utah- December 22nd- The Utah games are usually booooooOOOOOooooooOOOOring and this is the last game before the Christmas break...expect a doozy.
  • Worst Christmas Game- Los Angles Lakers at Chicago- Beat down if Rose is playing....a 70-67 slog fest if he doesn't


Complaining about the National TV Schedule-Teams with the least amount of national TV games:

  • Memphis-1
  • Boston-1
  • Milwaukee-0
  • Orlando (Official Team of Satan's League Pass)-0
  • Philadelphia-0
  • Utah-1



Life, The Universe, and Everything Else-Music Edition

Over-Rated's "The American Band Championship Belt"- At least I know that whilethis exists I will not have written the stupidest thing on the internet...this week. Essentially, this is a list of the most important American band every years since 1964. I guarantee you that if you, dear reader, remember listening to music by any other means than a IPod, this list will piss you off. Go ahead...Read it...I'll wait....

Wasn't that awful...I feel dirty just reading it....

A few thoughts...

  • The Beach Boys in 1964- Who doesn't like the Beach Boys? Communists, that's who. But only one year, and not even the year they made Pet Sounds? Do you realize that Paul McCartney listened to "God Only Knows" and decided to do Sgt. Pepper?
  • The Velvet Underground in 1967-1969- I like the Velvet Underground...but there was this little band called the Doors that was kinda big then....kinda important
  • Black Flag in 1981- This is the most egregious of all. The second biggest mistake was only giving Van Halen 1978, when they were the biggest thing going from 1978-1984. And to replace them with Black Flag? Ok smart one Black Flag you can't without Googling it.
  • Run-DMC in 1985-1986- I love Run-DMC. You love Run-DMC. By now, your Grandma loves Run-DMC. But they were never bigger than the Beastie Boys.
  • Nirvana in 1991-1993- This Nirvana-centric re-write of history needs to end. I'm 33 years old, so I was not quite music aware yet...but I vaguely remember some of this, at least from MTV News retrospectives and VH1 "Behind the Music." For one, following the void left by Guns-N-Roses in 1990, Metallica was the biggest band in the world (There is still a person a day that buys the "Black Album"). So that's 1991 and maybe 1992. Then by 1993, who was bigger: Pearl Jam of Nirvana. I gotta say Pearl Jam.
  • Wu-tang and Outkast- No arguments here
  • Everything after The White Stripes- I realized that after the White Stripes fell apart that popular music was no longer for me. As the great Frank Turner penned, "Well I guess I should confess that I am starting to get old/All the latest music fads all pass me by and leave me cold." But if this is the best bands from the last 10 years...Lord help us all. No love for two truly great American Bands: The Drive-by Truckers and The Avett Brothers?

Rant Over...


Three new albums to help with my disappointment in American Bands- Three new releases by American artists this week have caught my attention: two by local Memphis artists and one by a band I am late to the party with, but I sure am glad I'm there.

  • Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt- I am late to the party on Gaslight Anthem, but I have a really good excuse: I'm old and have a one year there. But I listened to Get Hurt this week straight through without stopping and the first thing that came to mind was : Beautiful. I have only had that thought with two other albums: Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlantacism (which I have only listened to once and should be sold with a box of Kleenex) and Jason Isbell's Southeastern. But this one really surprised me. Its melodic and hard edged at times and emotional but not whiny. Just amazing.
  • Lucero's Live in Atlanta- I love Lucero. Love their albums. Love their live shows. Love them. I have been familiar with one of the best bands to come out of Memphis in a while since at least 2010 and the documentary Dreaming in America, a documentary about Lucero when they were just about to make it...except they didn't. It is a thrilling doc about a great band. Since then they have re-grouped, added a horn section, and blown up. And this album is a rollicking fun live album in the vein of the best moments of Dreaming in America.
  • Cory Branan's The No Hit Wonder- (Note: I have no idea when this will go up, but Cory's album does not come out until August 19th, but if you want to listen to it before then, try this link. And if it is after the 19th, think about spending some money on some music, maybe even buy a vinyl the kids in Mid-Town will think that you are cool). I have been a big fan of North Mississippi's/Memphis/Little Rock/Nashville's own Cory Branan since the There Is No Dana days. I think he is an amazing song writer with an amazing gift for story telling, and his live shows are even better. All of his songs, from "Miss Ferguson" and "Crush" on The Hell you Sayto "The Prettiest Waitress in Memphis" and "Easy" on 12 Songs to "Yesterday (Circa 1980 Something)" on Mutt, Branan paints glorious pictures of Southern-fried Frank American Gothic. The No Hit Wonder is cleverly written and beautifully orchestrated, with guest appearances by the Hold Steady and two of my personal favorites, the aforementioned Jason Isbell and Austin Lucas. Pay special attention to the title track and "You Make Me." Just great songs with from a great performer...and surely I am serious about that...





(S/O Chris Faulkner)

See ya next week...