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Quick Grits: Tony Allen in the SBN Hall of Fame



Our parent site recently introduced the SB Nation NBA Hall of Fame , and - rightfully wanting to avoid the wrath of their GBB brethren and riots on the streets of We Don't Bluff City - included our own Triple OG, the Reverse Apache Master, Tony Allen. You know who's not in the Hall of Fame? Chris Paul. Why, you ask? Oh I don't know, MAYBE HE'S TOO BUSY GETTING HIS TEETH KICKED IN BY THE HARDEST DAMN PLAYER IN THE NBA, THAT'S WHY! FIRST TEAM ALL DEFENSE, CHRIS! FIRST TEAM ALL D!


Seth Rosenthal wrote TA's blurb and claimed his twitter game was slipping, so he may want to watch his back. Go read it. I've already read it so I'm gonna chill here and jam on that Future ish. SMDH