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Memphis Grizzlies Fantasy Draft: Rounds 4-6

The talent pool began to get a little thin in the closing rounds of our Grizzlies fantasy draft.


Grizzlies Fantasy Draft: Rounds 1-3

We wrap up our Grizzlies fantasy draft with the final three rounds to determine the teams' last two starters and a sixth man.

Round 4

16th: Team Rubrum — Lorenzen Wright (2001-02)

"For my 4th pick, I need either a center or point guard.  There are far less options for decent Grizzlies centers, so it comes down to Wright and Bryant Reeves.  While Reeves had a few good years for the Vancouver Grizzlies, Wright was a slightly better defender and rebounder so he was my pick." - GM Adam Rubrum

17th: Team Reynolds — Stromile Swift (2001-02)

"Swift mostly came off the bench for Memphis, but still logged big minutes in the team's first season in Memphis. Swift averaged 11.8 points and 6.3 boards on 48 percent shooting in 26.5 minutes per game that year, and he along with Pau should give me a solid starting front court." — GM Austin Reynolds

18th: Team Faulkner — Bryant Reeves (1997-98)

"Big Country gives me an inside scorer who can also anchor down the paint on defense. He's not the most athletic guy, even in his prime, but I should be able to find some above-the-rim players in later rounds." - GM Chris Faulkner

19th: Team Williams — Greg Anthony (1995-96)

"Anthony averaged 14 points, 6.9 assists, 2.5 rebounds, and 1.7 steals for the Vancouver Grizzlies during the '95-'96 season. I now have an incredibly skilled passing roster with J-Will, Marc, and Greg Anthony. Add in the scoring/shooting ability of pre-injury Michael Dickerson, and my fantasy Grizz roster is coming together nicely." — GM Chip Williams

20th: Team McCool — Othella Harrington (1999-2000)

"With my first of two consecutive picks, I'm grabbing Othella Harrington, whose best professional season was 1999-2000 in Vancouver. Harrington will play PF/C alongside Z-Bo on my squad, bringing with him his capable scoring (13/game), and I'm-just-happy-someone-tall-is-there rebounding (7/game)." — GM Raleigh McCool

Round 5

21st: Team McCool — Bonzi Wells (2003-04)

"A lot of people think I'm afraid of bringing in the Bonz--2003-04 Bonzi Wells--but I'm here to say that I'm not afraid. I'm ready for the headband. I'm ready for the 35% three-point shooting. I'm ready for 11 points per game. I'm also WELL ON MY WAY to assembling a large contingent of former Jail Blazers." — GM Raleigh McCool

22nd: Team Williams — Tony Massenburg (1998-99)

"I needed a PF, and I felt like this was the best one available. Massenburg averaged 11.2 points and 6.0 rebounds for the Vancouver Grizzlies during the '98-'99 season. That completes my starring 5 of J-Will, Greg Anthony, Michael Dickerson, Massenburg, and Marc Gasol." — GM Chip Williams

23rd: Team Faulkner — Darrell Arthur (2010-11)

"I've thought about this one for a while, and I need some athleticism in the front court. I'm going with 2010-11 Darrell Arthur as my starting PF. I've already got O.J. and Reeves throwing up at least 40 shots a game so it's more important I add some defensive intensity and look for more scoring off my bench." — GM Chris Faulkner

24th: Team Reynolds — Chucky Atkins (2006-07)

"Atkins was a solid scorer and distributor at the point, putting up 13.2 points and 4.6 rebounds in 27.5 minutes per game. My team is one that can bury you from behind the arc, and Atkins was never shy about letting it fly, as he shot 38 percent on 4.1 long range attempts per game that season." — GM Austin Reynolds

25th: Team Rubrum — Brevin Knight (2001-02)

"For my point guard, the options are pretty slim this late in the drafting.  I initially thought Kyle Lowry, but if you look at his stats, he really matured as a solid pg as a Houston Rocket.  So that leaves, my favorite tv broadcaster, Mr. Knight. In 2001-02, Brevin averaged 7pts, 6 assists, and 2 steals.  With all the scoring from my forwards, I could use more of a facilitator point guard, and Knight fits that role." - GM Adam Rubrum

Round 6

26th: Team Rubrum — Eddie Jones (2005-06)

"Picking a sixth-man for my team (and everyone else's team) is going to be insanely hard. I went with Jones (05-06) because he averaged 11 pts and had decent field goal percentages."

27th: Team Reynolds — Courtney Lee (2013-14)

"My team has been mostly about shooting, but hopefully Lee can add some solid perimeter defense and of course, more shooting as well. Lee should be an effective 3-and-D player off the bench." — GM Austin Reynolds

28th: Team Faulkner — Hakim Warrick (2006-07)

"2006-07 Hakim Warrick can provide some scoring off the bench and is another player who can get to the foul line." — GM Chris Faulkner

29th: Team Williams — Brian Cardinal (2004-05)

"Brian Cardinal could be called the OG Grind Father. He was about as athletic as a 9 month pregnant woman, but he left everything he had on the floor. The Custodian, as he was often called, averaged 9 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1.5 steals in 24.7 minutes per game during the 2004-05 season. Every time Cardinal splashed home a 3, it electrified the Grizz crowd. Give me BC to finish out my roster." — GM Chip Williams

30th: Team McCool — Kosta Koufos (2013-14)

"With Z-Bo and Harrington playing in my small-ish front court, I'll need a true center. Koufos is likely the best backup center the franchise has ever had, and could certainly have started for some other iterations of the Grizzly roster. He will be my solid sixth-man, and be able to tandem with either Zach or Othella to while the other one sits." — GM Raleigh McCool

The Final Rosters

Team McCool

PG: Mike Bibby (2000-01)

SG: Bonzi Wells (2003-04)

SF: James Posey (2003-04)

PF: Zach Randolph (2010-11)

C: Othella Harrington (1999-2000)

Sixth Man: Kosta Koufos (2013-14)

Team Williams

PG: Jason Williams (2001-02)

SG: Greg Anthony (1995-96)

SF: Michael Dickerson (1999-2000)

PF: Tony Massenburg (1998-99)

C: Marc Gasol (2012-13)

Sixth Man: Brian Cardinal (2004-05)

Team Faulkner

PG: Mike Conley (2013-14)

SG: O.J. Mayo (2009-10)

SF: Shane Battier (2005-06)

PF: Darrell Arthur (2010-11)

C: Bryant Reeves (1997-98)

Sixth Man: Hakim Warrick (2006-07)

Team Reynolds

PG: Chucky Atkins (2006-07)

SG: Juan Carlos Navarro (2007-08)

SF: Mike Miller (2006-07)

PF: Stromile Swift (2001-02)

C: Pau Gasol (2006-07)

Sixth Man: Courtney Lee (2013-14)

Team Rubrum

PG: Brevin Knight (2001-02)

SG: Tony Allen (2011-12)

SF: Rudy Gay (2007-08)

PF: Shareef Abdur Rahim (1999-2000)

C: Lorenzen Wright (2001-02)

Sixth Man: Eddie Jones (2005-06)